Cycling Ireland's Women in Sport campaign, "IT'S NOT A RACE" celebrates the many female cyclists who make up the broad spectrum of women who participate actively in cycling across its many forms. As importantly, it celebrates the many reasons why women cycle. And yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s not always a race.

The campaign manifesto below tells the story of the why, how and where of the women who appear in our campaign - from the advocates who are promoting cycling in their communities, to National Champions Lara Gillespie and Orla Walsh, to Katie Turner, Lucy McClintock and Summer Glynn who are taking the cycling community by storm at a young age.

Those who share our belief that welcoming more women and girls into the cycling community will be a positive development for all are encouraged to back the campaign on social media using the hashtag #itsnotarace.

HER Outdoors Week

HER Outdoors Week, an initiative by Sport Ireland, taking place from 14th – 20th August is an opportunity to re-ignite and re-introduce females to the outdoors.

Find out more here

Active Participation

Women on Wheels (WOW)

Women on Wheels is essentially the Bike for Life programme aimed at beginner women where cyclists are brought through the various skills and techniques involved in cycling. The focus of the programme is on learning, meeting new people with the group cycle a prominent feature. The programme usually lasts between 4 and 10 weeks in length, this can be flexible depending on the group and availability of the ride leader, with a celebratory spin for the group to finish. Depending on group ability this could be anything between 20k – 50/60k.

This programme is available to clubs and LSP’s, if interested please contact 

Coaching and Officiating

Women’s Coaching Pathway

The Women’s Coaching Pathway is an exciting initiative for coaches and aspiring coaches. The programme gives participants the opportunity to improve their knowledge, expand their network and develop leadership and coaching skills in a supported, collaborative environment alongside coaches from Athletics Ireland, Cycling Ireland, Irish Athletic Boxing Association (IABA), Rowing Ireland and Triathlon Ireland.

Coaching Certificate for Midlife Women

In November 2021, the first of its kind coaching certificate will launch with coaches across Cycling Ireland, Athletics Ireland, Swim Ireland and Triathlon Ireland in partnership with The Well-HQ.

The aim of the “Training Midlife Women Coaching Certificate” is to provide coaches with the knowledge, expertise and support they need to train midlife women properly, ensuring longevity in our sports. This programme is about females, not for females so we encourage both male and female candidates to apply! Find out more here.

Leadership and Governance

Women in Sport Leadership Course

This course, organised by Swim Ireland, is designed to support the development of female leaders within National Governing Bodies. Sports consultants Lisa Clancy and Sarah O’Shea have been delivering these courses and so far, two Cycling Ireland representatives have attended this course.

Club Toolkit

The club toolkit has been designed to help clubs engage and retain more females across the four pillars; Active Participation, Coaching and Officiating, Leadership and Governance and Visibility. A Zoom workshop has been designed to support and compliment the toolkit. If you’re interested in attending the next workshop please email 


Each year, Cycling Ireland selects a number of women and girls to become Advocates for Women's Cycling who promote cycling in their local club and community and inspire others by sharing their own inspiring story along the way. 

Check out their stories below. 

Advocates 2022

Charul Singh is from Dublin Wheelers in Leinster. To find out more about Charul's story please click here.

Deirdre is from Carn Wheelers in Ulster. To find out more about Deirdre's story please click here.

Laura is from MBCC - Mountain Biking Club Cork in Munster. To find out more about Laura's story please click here.

Julia is from Arcane cycling team in Leinster. To find out more about Julia's story please click here. 

Elaine is from Corrib MTB in Connacht. To find out more about Elaine's story please click here.

Summer is from Lucan BMX Club in Leinster. To find out more about Summer's story please click here. 

Zoe is from TC Racing Cycling Team in Leinster. To find out more about Zoe's story please click here. 

Katie is from Orwell Wheelers in Leinster. To find out more about Katie's story please click here. 

Lucy is from Phoenix Cycling Club Belfast in Ulster. To find out more about Lucy's story please click here. 

Lucy is from Lisburn BMX Club in Ulster. To find out more about Lucy's story please click here

Advocates 2021

Aisling Cullen from Mountain Bike Club Cork. To find out more about Aisling's story please click here.

Susan Kennelly from Galway Bay Cycling Club. To find out more about Susan’s story please click here.

Clare Neenan from Chain Gang Cycling Club in County Kerry. To find out more about Clare’s story please click here.

Emma Lang from Courtown BMX club in Wexford. To find out more about Emma’s story please click here.

Liz McLaughlin from the NTSR (Not The Sunday Run) MTB group and the Rossi road group. To find out more about Liz’s story please click here.

Claire Cooke from McNally Swords Cycling Club. To find out more about Claire’s story please click here.

Advocates 2020

Fiola Foley from Killorglin Cycling Club in Munster. To find out more about Fiola story please click here.

Laura Daly from Challenge Cycling Club in Connacht. To find out more about Laura’s story please click here.

Ruth Nugent from Ratoath BMX Club in Leinster. To find out more about Ruth's' Story please click here.

Martina Condell from Limerick Ladies Cycling Club in Munster. To find out more about Martina's Story please click here.

Ciara Bourke from IMBRC and Giant Dublin Cycling Cub in Leinster. To find out more about Ciara's story please click here.