Elaine Watters

Women's Cycling Advocate

Current cycling club?

Corrib MTB

What is your current age?


What cycling discipline are you involved in?

Is enjoyment a discipline?! Leisure, gravel and mountain biking

What age did you get involved?


Why did you start cycling?

There was a plan at work (Petersburg OETC) to get a load of bikes and start to run cycling as a new activity. The nearby forest had just had trails done. So, I said I’d give it a go!

What has been your involvement in cycling, your story?

The first few times I went out cycling I didn't love it!! I was always last and struggling to keep up.

One day out I met another female who offered to take me out & lend me her lovely bike. The rest is history. I was hooked! The difference a good bike & a patient coach can make.

I got lots of brilliant days out in the forest and hills with our club. The 5km restrictions came and I discovered every backroad near home. Cycling kept me sane.

I was enjoying cycling so much that I started to encourage friends, family & neighbours to come out with me or to get out with their families.

I saw how much people were getting from cycling and I decided that I would love to run a “bike for life” for women in my area. We had so much fun in the 10 weeks. We still meet weekly and are gathering a few more ladies along the way.

Do you have a quote that you live by or inspires you?

Not really! But I do like this one a lot.

“In life, it’s not where you go- it’s who you travel with” -Schulz

Also “leave no-one behind”

What have been your cycling highlights?

1. The Maumean & Western way loop with our club. I had no idea what was involved and at halfway I thought it must be nearly the end!! But I loved the feeling of success when finished and the beautiful scenery & fun along the way.

2. Observing my “bike for life” ladies fall in love with cycling & watching them grow in confidence.

How do you feel cycling has benefitted you?

Cycling gave me something for me. As a mother it’s not always easy to find time for me and when I do take “me time” there is often guilt involved. What I have realised is taking this “me time” improves my mental & physical health and in turn this is a benefit to my family.

The beauty of cycling is that I can hop on the bike and go whenever I find myself with some free time. There is no commitment or time schedule. Although once I get on the bike, I don’t want to get off again!!

What is your favourite thing about cycling?

The freedom & adventure. Getting to a crossroads and only at that point deciding which way to go next. The friendships.

What would you say to other females who may be interested in cycling?

Give it a go! Take your time, it’s not a race. What matters is your enjoyment. When you start to enjoy it, you will discover so many unexpected benefits.

Get advice on a good bike & a comfortable saddle.

No knickers under padded shorts!!

How do you feel about becoming an Advocate?

Like an imposter!! I can’t believe I was picked. I cried!

Cycling is still relatively new to me; I still have so much to learn. I am not the fittest. But I love cycling and I love seeing others enjoy it too. So, I am really looking forward to continuing sharing my passion and giving others the opportunity to fall in love too.