Ride Insights

We are excited to launch the new Cycling Ireland dashboard in conjunction with our Cycling Insights partner, See.Sense.  

Optimised for desktop viewing, please allow time for data to load.

Zoom in to see popular routes in your local area, or maybe be inspired to explore another part of the island by bike.  You can also look at roads with higher speeds, or dwell times to learn more about what to expect on your journey. 

Find out more about the See.Sense partnership here.


  • How do I share my data insights with Cycling Ireland?

    Connect your See.Sense bike light with the free See.Sense app. Then all you will need to do in the See.Sense app is go to: settings > my account > my profile > cycling membership > enter the code 'CI'.

  • Is my data anonymised?

    When you join the See.Sense community in our app, and opt-in to share data insights we can share aggregated and anonymised data insights with  Cycling Ireland, which are made publicly accessible on the Cycling Ireland website. 

    See.Sense go one step further and have additional privacy filters in place for all riders - for example, filtering out spots where individual cyclists might have stopped. The cycling insights displayed on the dashboard are from 2020 to date and the dashboard will be refreshed on a regular basis.

  • What are privacy zones and how do I set them up?

    The portion of your activity that starts or stops within your Privacy Zones will be hidden from the dashboard. Do ensure that you set up privacy zones in the See.Sense app (for example around your home and workplace, there is a guide on how to do this here

  • Cycling Ireland See.Sense discount

    Remember, as a Cycling Ireland member you will benefit from a 30% Discount off See.Sense Bike lights, allowing you to ride your bike and be seen, and also share your ride insights for the dashboard. To avail of this discount, use the unique code found within your membership portal and membership benefits email. You can shop all See.Sense products here. Please note that your code will not apply to Pre-Order products or discounted items at See.Sense.

  • Other FAQs

    Concerned about how much battery the App uses? Want to run other cycling Apps in the background? Not to worry. See.Sense have made an FAQ page just for Cycling Ireland members here.