AXA Community Bike Rides

AXA Community Bike Rides provides opportunities for adults of all ages to take part in easy going/challenging, solo or group rides in their local community.

This free initiative is coordinated by Cycling Ireland and funded by AXA, and rewards those who actively participate.

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Bike Like Me

Bike Like Me is Cycling Ireland’s overarching campaign to inspire more women and girls to discover cycling and feel confident on their bikes. The Cycling Ireland led campaign aligns with Sport Ireland’s Policy on Women in Sport which intends to address four target areas – Active Participation, Coaching and Officiating, Visibility and Leadership and Governance.

Through the Bike Like Me campaign, Cycling Ireland will support women and girls in becoming active and valued members of the cycling community, promoting programmes and best practices among cycling clubs in Ireland. Bike Like Me will kickstart, drive and enable a transformational period of change for Cycling Ireland, which will radicalise our approach to cycling for women and girls across the island of Ireland.

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Cycle Right Logo

Cycle Right

Cycle Right is a cyclist road safety training programme designed to give cyclists the knowledge and skills to move safely through the road system, an environment shared with other road users.

Cycle Right is delivered over three stages with participants gaining skills and knowledge on a phased basis which prepares the individual to cycle in increasingly complex road scenarios. Ideally, individual sessions in each stage should be delivered at intervals (weekly) to allow sufficient time for practice in between. At Stage One, minimum delivery allowed is 4 two-hour sessions at weekly intervals.

As participants move through the stages of training, they take greater levels of responsibility for themselves on their bike on the road.

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Dormant Accounts

The Dormant Accounts Fund (DAF) is a scheme for the disbursement of unclaimed funds from accounts in credit institutions in Ireland.  The fund is administered under the 2001 Dormant Accounts Act, together with the Unclaimed Life Assurance Policies Act 2003 and the Dormant Accounts (Amendment) Act 2012 and is under the statutory function of the Minister of the Environment, Community and Local Government with effect from the 1st January 2013.

Dormant Account funding supports the National Physical Activity Plan action 45 to:

 ‘Develop a physical activity for health culture in Ireland through the development of new Get Ireland Running, Get Ireland Cycling, Get Ireland Swimming initiatives’.

Cycling Ireland, in collaboration with schools, clubs and communities, deliver opportunities across a suite of cycling programmes to young people in disadvantaged areas using a team of Activation Officers equipped with bikes, helmets and supporting equipment.

Bike Week 

Bike Week is a celebration and promotion of the benefits of cycling. Bike Week 2021 took place from September 12 to 18.

Check out the 'For Each & For All Bike Week Challenge' which was held during bike week. Keep cycling and we'll see you for Bike Week 2022.

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