Active School Week

Is your school up for the Cycle Around Ireland Challenge! Can your school Cycle Around Ireland completing all the routes on the map?

Inspired from the Active Schools - Run Around Ireland Challenge, Cycling Ireland have developed this cycling challenge for schools to complete over a 4-week period. This 4-week challenge encourages schools to incorporate cycling into their everyday routine, from cycling to and from school, as part of PE curriculum, to setting up a cycling after school club.

The Cycle Around Ireland challenge is designed to promote cross-curricular learning, as well as benefits of physical activity and the importance of sustainable travel. Cycle Around Ireland introduces children to cycle paths that are located across the island of Ireland suitable for beginner cyclists, on flat surfaces, in off road environments.

Cycle Around Ireland Challenge

The 4-week Cycle Around Ireland challenge starts during Active Schools Week and ends during Bike Week: -

• Week 1 – 23rd April – 30th April (Active Schools Week)

• Week 2 – 1st May – 7th May

• Week 3 – 8th May – 14th May

• Week 4 – 15th May– 21st May (Bike Week)

*Please note - If the above dates do not suit, schools are free to complete this 4-week Cycle Around Ireland challenge at a different 

time throughout the year.

Do not forget to complete a Safety Check before each cycling session, including a Risk Assessment.

Be sure to capture the fun and enjoyment had by the school to complete this challenge. We would love to hear how you are 

progressing, please tag #CyclingIreland.

Best of luck completing all the routes on the Cycling Around Ireland Challenge!