Club officials can affiliate their club for 2024 via the Cycling Ireland Membership Portal from November 1st 2023. 

There will be a number of simple steps required in order to complete affiliation. 


In accordance with Cycling Ireland technical rules in order for a club to affiliate there are a number of requirements

Pay the appropriate Affiliation & Provincial Fee

Have a minimum of 6 members

Have a Club Secretary, Chairperson, Treasurer & Safeguarding Officer as a minimum, all of whom must be a cycling Ireland member.

Have a Club Constitution

Have a Safeguarding Statement reviewed within the past two years.

Have a Safeguarding Risk Assessment reviewed within the past two years.

Templates of the above documents can be found below.

The necessity for clubs to have a Safeguarding Officer was passed at the 2021 AGM and applies to all clubs, including those without member under 18. A Safeguarding Officer is relevant to vulnerable adults as well as U18s.

Step-by-Step Guide

Pay the appropriate Cycling Ireland affiliation fee and provincial fee

o Cycling Ireland Fee - €150 (€50 late payment fee from 31/01/2024)

o Provincial Fee: Munster €150 | Connacht €140 | Leinster €130

Upload relevant documents & club information

Documents uploaded last year will be visible here and you can amend/review as necessary.

o Club Constitution – Template Here

o Safeguarding statement – Template Here 

o Safeguarding Risk Assessment  - Template Here

Please see here for more information on completing a Child Safeguarding statement & Risk Assessment.

Set up club membership fees & confirm/assign club officials

o If you wish to collect your Club membership fees you can set them up here. A stripe account is required to collect membership fees via the system  - Stripe set up guide

o Confirm / Assign club officials. All Club officials need a valid 2024 membership. Club officials can renew themselves individually in advance of club affiliation or the club secretary can renew memberships for all club officials.


  • Procedures for Completion_Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment
  • How to set up Stripe
  • Club Constitution Template
  • Club Administrator: How to affiliate your club