2022 Club affiliation is open from the 25th November 2021. Club officials can affiliate their club via the Cycling Ireland Membership Portal.

From the 29th November we will be available via phone & email during the hours below to help with any queries.

Monday to Wednesday 9am – 6pm | Thursday & Friday 9am to 5pm | contactus@cyclingireland.ie

There will be a number of simple steps required in order to complete affiliation. 


In accordance with Cycling Ireland technical rules in order for a club to affiliate there are a number of requirements

Pay the appropriate Affiliation & Provincial Fee

Have a minimum of 6 members

Have a Club Secretary, Chairperson, Treasurer & Youth Safeguarding Officer (if you have U18 members) as a minimum, all of whom must be a cycling Ireland member.

Have a Club Constitution

Have a Safeguarding Statement (If you have U18 Members)

Have a Safeguarding Risk Assessment (If you have U18 Members)

Templates of the above documents can be found below.

Step-by-Step Guide

Pay the appropriate Cycling Ireland affiliation fee and provincial fee

o Cycling Ireland Fee - €150 (€50 late payment fee from 01/01/2022)

o Provincial Fee: Munster €150 | Connacht €140 | Leinster €130

Upload relevant documents & club information

Documents uploaded last year will be visible here and you can amend/review as necessary.

o Club Constitution – Template Here

o Safeguarding statement – Template Here 

o Safeguarding Risk Assessment  - Template Here

Please see here for more information on completing a Child Safeguarding statement & Risk Assessment.

Set up club membership fees & confirm/assign club officials

o If you wish to collect your Club membership fees you can set them up here. A stripe account is required to collect membership fees via the system  - Stripe set up guide

o Confirm / Assign club officials. All Club officials need a valid 2022 membership. Club officials can renew themselves individually in advance of club affiliation or the club secretary can renew memberships for all club officials.


  • Procedures for Completion_Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment 2021
  • Club Constitution Template 2021