Zara Edwards - 2023 Women's Cycling Advocate

Current cycling club? 

Kilkenny Collective (Callan Cycling Club)

What is your current age?


What cycling discipline are you involved in?

Mountain Biking


What age did you get involved?


Why did you start cycling?

I started biking because my dad did it and it looked really fun!

What has been your involvement in cycling, your story?

I have been riding bikes since I was 3. I began taking it more seriously when I was around 10 and this was on my mum’s bike. It was a fully rigid frame and quite difficult to ride on trails.

I used to go flying over the handlebars and sliding off the seat! It was always so much fun though, it didn’t really matter about what type of bike it was. When my dad realised I was actually into biking, he got me a short travel hardtail. And then I went through a few XC full suspension bikes before I settled with the long-travel Enduro bike I’m currently riding; which is amazing!

Do you have a quote that you live by or inspires you?

Keep it lit…!

What have been your cycling highlights?

2022 was definitely my highlight year! I competed in my first Grassroots Enduro Series races; which I absolutely loved. I also completed my first road sportif; on a mountain bike(!) (Callan Cycling Club 50km Sportif) which was hard but really enjoyable.

How do you feel cycling has benefited you?

Cycling has benefited me in so many ways, it helped with my confidence and fitness, as well as friendships and connections with people older and younger than me. The biking community is so accepting of everyone and it’s inspiring to see the way everyone accepts you for who you are.

What is your favourite thing about cycling? 

There is a lot about cycling that I love. I love the feeling you get from it, the adrenaline rush, the feeling of freedom, the speed and skill you get from being on the bike; it’s hard to describe to someone unless they’ve done it and felt that buzz.

Mountain biking is such a big part of my life, it is definitely my favourite sport, you get a special kind of community that you don’t really get from other sports and it’s such an amazing thing to be part of.

What would you say to other females who may be interested in cycling?

Go for it, if you don’t do it, you’ll regret not having that experience. Get a bike, it doesn't have to be expensive or particularly good, just hit some trails and have some fun. If you enjoy it, you can get a fancier bike, better equipment, just don’t go and buy a load of expensive biking gear if you’re not sure about biking.

If you do try it out, make sure you have a helmet and another person riding with you for safety.

How do you feel about becoming a Cycling Ireland Women in Sport Advocate?

I am so excited about getting this opportunity. I can’t wait to promote the sport that I love and to hopefully get more girls into biking.

What is your * when it comes to the IT’S NOT A RACE* campaign?

Keep your best foot forward…!