Laura Pratt

Women's Cycling Advocate

Current cycling club?

MBCC – Mountain Biking Club Cork 

What is your current age?


What cycling discipline are you involved in?

I’m heavily involved in off road “Mountain Biking” but I also do a good bit of road cycling and BMX with my group of friends. I find each discipline encourages the other and helps in terms of overall fitness and techniques. 

What age did you get involved?

I’ve been road cycling since a very young age but it was only in 2018 when I started Mountain Biking and BMX which I absolutely love and enjoy. 

Why did you start cycling?

I started cycling to network and meet new people as well as for my overall fitness and health. Cycling is a fantastic sport and there is a strong community in Cork who I’m involved with. For me, mountain biking is great for my overall mental health and has allowed me to meet likeminded people who are also heavily involved in the sport.

I have a strong network of friends in the mountain biking community, and I am the female representative for my local club in Cork. What has been your involvement in cycling, your story? Since I took up mountain biking, I have been heavily involved in my local club (MBCC) in Cork and below is a bullet point of what I have completed to date:

• Organise evening and weekend spins with club members & non club members

• Encouraging women to take up the sport by reaching out on social media and sharing my 


• Creating a what’s app group for beginner mountain bikers, adding new girls into the group 

and encouraging them to introduce themselves.

• Taking on the role as a female representative for my club MBCC

• Running events and helping out with my local AGM 

• Encouraging and building up ladies’ confidence on the bikes, listening to their needs

• I’ve set up a skills day in our local forest and we sessioned cornering techniques and jumps. 

Do you have a quote that you lie by or inspires you?

“Success is the sum of small efforts, day in, day out, shared with positive people”

What have been your cycling highlights?

• Mountain biking in Whistler bike park, Canada 

• Winning 2nd place in the female Grassroots Enduro Series 2021

• Leading a Cycling Ireland women’s beginners mountain biking event in Ballyhoura this year

• Meeting some amazing women from all aspects of life via cycling & taking up the sport 

• Conquering my first road gap jump and falling on a lot of other attempts 

• Meeting some life long incredible biking friends both male and female

How do you feel cycling has benefitted you?

• Mountain Biking has improved my overall fitness & health 

• It reduces my stress levels after work and improves my overall mood

• It’s provided me with a strong network of friends with likeminded sports

• It offers me a full body workout which makes me feel great

• It helps me sleep better throughout the night

• Many social benefits and events as I often organise ladies’ spins within my club and circle of 

friends. It provides an opportunity to build personal connections and make new friends who 

enjoy the same activities. 

• Enjoying nature and the great outdoors!!!! 

What is your favourite thing about cycling?

The people and the craic are the best thing about biking. I love talking to new people and creating friendships whilst pedalling on the bike. It also brings you to some breath-taking scenic places when surrounded by nature. I’m also recently new to racing but I do enjoy the buzz and banter on race day as well as the excitement of receiving your results. 

What would you say to other females who may be interested in cycling?

I would encourage them to find a local club that they can join so that they are included in the local spins during the evenings and at the weekend. Its important to get professional advice when selecting a bike and might be worthwhile getting measured so that your set up is correct and you feel comfortable. There is no need to be spending a lot of money as its important you enjoy the sport first before investing heavily. Download Strava so you can find all the trails easier if you are first starting. 

How do you feel about becoming an Advocate?

I am so excited and honoured to become an Advocate for Cycling Ireland as I am very passionate about biking and it’s something I already on a daily basis in terms of sharing my journey and organising spins. I love encouraging my friends and other women to take up the sport. It’s important for me to share my journey as I feel it will help similar likeminded ladies to build up their confidence and improve their overall health. When I first took up mountain biking, I did find it was very male dominated but over the last 2 years there have been a lot more women getting involved which is amazing to see. I understand the fear and challenges that come with the sport so I feel I’m eligible to sympathise with others who may be going through something similar. I want to listen and help guide girls on their own biking journeys.