Lucy McClintock

Women's Cycling Advocate

Current cycling club:

Lisburn BMX Club



Cycling discipline:

BMX/Off road

Age when started:

I started biking at 6 and joined Lisburn BMX club when I was 7 years old.

Why did I start biking:

I loved my bike, and my dad found a BMX track (Lisburn BMX) near our house.

My involvement:

I started BMX when I was 7 and had my first race about 3 weeks later. I have raced all around Ireland at club/regional and national level. When I was 8, I decided to give mountain biking a go with my dad at places like Mary Peters (Barnetts Demesne). I have got my whole family, Mum, Dad, sister Emily and brother, Elijah involved in biking, and we regularly go to BMX and mountain biking together.

My cycling highlights:

Making lots of BMX friends through racing. Going to Castlewellan bike park on the black trails and going to The GAP (Glencullen Adventure Park) on my mountain bike.

How cycling has benefited me:

Making loads more friends and I have travelled across all of Ireland for BMX races. I have also been in France and Scotland with my BMX bike trying out different tracks.

My favourite things about cycling:

Making friends and jumping my bikes.

What would I say to other girls who might be interested:

Go for it! I would love to see lots of other girls around my age giving it a go – you won’t regret it!

How do you feel about becoming an Advocate:

I’m very excited about helping to encourage other girls into cycling!