2024 AGM Details

The Board of the Irish Cycling Federation that trades as Cycling Ireland has resolved that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the company as laid out in Articles 23 et al of the constitution of the company shall be held at 1400 online via Zoom on Saturday 18th May 2024.

As outlined at the 2023 AGM, the AGM continues to be moved to an earlier part of the year than was traditional so that the regulatory reporting requirements of the Company AGM can be done nearer to the previous year, to which it applies. 

This online AGM will focus primarily on the legal, regulatory, and constitutional requirements of our company AGM. However, it is intended to host a conference towards the end of the year at which reports and discussions on the operational and sporting aspects of the organisation for 2024 can take place. 

AGM Papers
  1. 2024 AGM Agenda 
  2. 2024 AGM Standing Orders 
  3. 2023 AGM Minutes 
  4. 2023 EGM Minutes
  5. 2024 AGM Motions
  6. 2024 AGM Club Voting Delegates Vote Entitlement
  7. 2024 AGM Non Club Voting Delegate Vote Entitlement
  8. 2023 Annual Report
  9. Notice of Holding the AGM 2024

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