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  • James Quilligan

    James Quilligan 4

    Chief Executive Officer
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    James was appointed Chief Executive Officer in June 2023 and is an accomplished executive leader with over 25 years of experience in the commercial and public sectors. James has held various senior positions, including CEO of Moorehaven Group, where he worked with the board of directors to formulate short and long-term plans for the company, actively engaged with local politicians and government ministers, and championed the delivery of a new residential housing and intellectual disability support services. Prior to this, he served as the Integrated Service Regional Manager for Rehab Group, overseeing the implementation of national and regional plans for two integrated services with an annual budget of €15m-€20m and up to 300 staff across the region. A longstanding member of Cycling Ireland for over 10 years, James holds an A3 racing license for Greenmount Cycling Academy and has also participated in numerous leisure sportives.






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