Summary of cover

Personal Accident

*This cover applies to a member when they are training, **competing or officiating in activities of Cycling Ireland. This includes individual training/leisure cycles, group & club cycles. Medical expenses are covered to a maximum of €2,500 each claim which includes dental expenses up to €2,000. Excess of €250 applies to medical and dental claims. There is also an inner limit of €500 for physiotherapy expenses. Loss of earnings is covered for a maximum of €150 per week for a maximum of 13 weeks with the first week not being covered.

*Add-on of €10 / £9 for Leisure Membership

**Valid competitive membership required to take part in any competitive events

 Public Liability (“Third Party”)

This covers a member for any third party liability or property damage for which they are held legally liable. (a third party is a person not accredited with membership of Cycling Ireland) when you are training, competing or officiating in an approved Cycling Ireland activity. (a €500 excess applies to each claim, to be paid by claimant). There is no cover in respect of any injury or damage suffered by one participant caused by another participant during training activities (please note members can still claim the personal accident cover above in this case).

There is an indemnity limit of €6.5 million per incident. An increased limit is available upon request.

Professional Indemnity

Indemnifies registered members (coaches, committee members) in respect of advice given for which they are negligent and leads to a financial loss. 

There is an indemnity limit of €6.5 million per incident

Non Members

Non-Cycling Ireland members wishing to take part in a Cycling Ireland event may be able to take out an event licence (one day licence) for this event. If the event is open to Non-Cycling Ireland members you can take out an ‘Event Licence’ (Formerly a One Day Licence) at the time of entry online. An Event licence, includes personal accident cover & public liability as above for the duration of the event only.

Cycling Ireland membership does not cover any damage / theft of bicycles.

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Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

Incident & Accident Report Form

Cycling Ireland will pass your report to insurance brokers Arachas.

Arachas will liaise directly with the relevant member where there is a claim for medical expenses etc.

In the event of a serious injury a liability assessor may be appointed. It is important that all details regarding the witnesses, photographs, risk management details are retained by the race/event organiser.

There is an excess of €500 on any claim payable by the member for third party claims or €250 for any personal accident claims.

If you have been involved in an accident while participating in an event or training as part of your Cycling Ireland membership please fill in the form below. Please include full details and these will be automatically forwarded to Cycling Ireland’s offices and to O’Driscoll O’Neil. In order to make a claim under the policy you must complete a full claim form which will be issued to you.
Claims can only be made by those holding a current Cycling Ireland licence as at the date of the incident.