Leisure Cycling

Leisure cycling encompasses all forms of non-competitive cycling and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It's about discovering new routes, being outdoors, keeping physically and mentally well and socializing with friends.

Over half a million people cycle on a weekly basis. Join our growing community today.

For all queries relating to Leisure events please email leisure.events@cyclingireland.ie. 

Handy Guides

Lighting up correctly can keep you safe and seen when cycling in darker conditions.

Coach Jamie discusses correct road positioning to keep your cycles safe and enjoyable.  

Heading out for a solo bike ride this weekend? Got a bike with a puncture just sitting in your shed? Brush up on your puncture repair skills and you'll be back on your bike in no time.

A bike helmet is an essential piece of equipment but to get the right protection from your helmet, it's important to make sure it is adjusted to fit you correctly. 

Bike Fitter, Barry, shares his three top tips for finding the right bike position for you. Bike positioning is important to keep you comfortable, injury free and in control of your bike so you can focus on the enjoyment of cycling.