Cycling Ireland Insurance – Leisure Events

Cycling Ireland members should be aware that competing in leisure events on the island of Ireland, that are not sanctioned by Cycling Ireland means that the event is not covered by Cycling Ireland Insurance, and as such they should confirm that the event is in fact, covered by insurance for them to be riding.

Cycling Ireland member insurance cover is still applicable for the individual Cycling Ireland Member (Leisure and above) who do take part in these leisure rides on the island of Ireland, however, members should be aware that there may be insurance issues between the two insurance companies in the event of a claim.

To ensure members are fully covered, we would advise you check the Cycling Ireland website to ensure the event is in fact run under Cycling Ireland Insurance, and therefore you are fully covered in line with our polices as detailed on our website.

Clubs wishing to ensure that their event is Sanctioned Cycling Ireland Event, covered under Cycling Ireland insurance, must apply as normal through the Cycling Ireland website – which will lead them to our Cycling Ireland/Eventmaster Portal, where their risk assessments etc. can be uploaded. Entries can then be taken for the event through this portal which will ensure all persons entering the Leisure Event are covered with Cycling Ireland Insurance. Click here for more information on event applications. 

Clubs should be aware that promotion of unsanctioned events excludes them from Cycling Ireland indemnity for that event. Therefore, Cycling Ireland strongly advise clubs to ensure they are fully covered to only promote Sanctioned Cycling Ireland Events.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our Events/Membership Teams.

Paul Watson

Sports and Operations Director