BMX cycling is a type of off-road cycling that has something to offer everyone. It is clean, exciting, adrenaline fuelled fun that whole families can get involved in whether as a racer, spectator or track volunteer. BMX Racing provides a safe and challenging sport for male and female alike, and events cater for riders from under 6 to over 40 years old.



The bikes themselves are typically based around 20cm wheels, although other wheel sizes can be found on race bikes. They feature a rigid (often aluminium) frame and fork, alongside high-rise handlebars and a single cassette gear - making them robust and relatively easy to maintain.


A full-face helmet is mandatory on a BMX track. A helmet must meet some of the standards and certifications.

Gloves & Pads

Gloves are also a compulsory piece of gear. 

For additional protection, knee pads and elbow pads are recommended. They are a requirement if you want to race in shorts and a t-shirt.

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