Mountain Bike

Mountain Biking is a type of off-road cycling discipline where riders use specifically designed bikes to cycle in rough terrain or cycling trails


Cross Country

This form of cycling is done across a wide array of surfaces and can be picked up straight away by anyone with a mountain bike regardless of age or experience.

There can be great variety in the types and distances of XC events with riders generally having to complete a certain number of laps of a circuit. 


An adrenalin junkies dream, downhill mountain biking is arguably the most exhilarating form of off-road cycling. Riders exhibit their extraordinary handling skills as they descend at high speeds down steep trails. The aim is simple: get the down the course as quickly as possible.


It is a form of downhill mountain biking that is both challenging and enjoyable. An enduro race essentially consists of timed downhill or “special” stages and untimed transfer sections which can be rode at a rider’s leisure.



The bikes used today cross-country racing tend to be full suspension bikes that are lightweight and efficient. However, don’t worry if you do not have the highest spec bike whatever mountain bike that is lying in your shed will likely do just fine for a first timer.


As mountain biking is a year-round sport, the clothing you wear should be weather suitable as you may face tough condition.

Helmet and Shoes

A helmet will also be compulsory as it is when riding any type of bike. You may also require cycling shoes if your bike’s pedals need them, however a normal pair of runners will be fine on flat pedals.


The most common types of bikes used in DH tend to be heavy, strong full suspension bikes that can hold up under intense pressure with the brakes, gears and wheels all designed to cope with tricky terrain.


It is recommended that all riders wear Full Fingered Gloves along with Back, Elbow, Knee and Shoulder protection with a rigid surface.

Helmet and Shoes

It is compulsory for all riders to wear a protective full-face helmet when racing or training on the course and such helmet must comply with the established safety standards.


Full suspension mountain bikes are regarded as the ideal enduro bike. This is because it facilitates a rider to be able to go downhill quickly whilst still being able to climb when necessary. Although normal mountain bikes will be fine for beginners.


Knee pads and elbow pads can also be helpful by both breaking falls and by giving new riders more confidence when enduro racing.

Helmet and Goggles

Enduro riders tend to wear full face helmets which offer more protection and would be recommended for a beginner’s safety. Goggles may also be needed to protect your eyes from mud and branches.

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