The 2022 BMX National Series will feature 10 rounds over 5 weekends.

2022 BMX National Series

23.04Round 1Ratoath BMX Club
24.04Round 2Ratoath BMX Club
28.05Round 3Lisburn BMX ClubClosed
29.05Round 4Lisburn BMX ClubClosed
16.07Round 5Lucan BMX Club. St Catherine's ParkClosed
17.07Round 6Lucan BMX Club. St Catherine's ParkClosed
17.09Round 7Cork BMX Club. Tramore Valley
18.09Round 8Cork BMX Club. Tramore Valley
01.10Round 9Courtown BMX Club
02.10Round 10Courtown BMX Club

Gazebos/ Club Tents 

Please email to request your tent space and please state what size your gazebo is.

Race Plates

Please note that it is the riders responsibility to have correct number plates (Front and Side) displaying the correct race number. Your race number is used to identify you by various race officials i.e pens, start hill, commissars and finish line who use your number to score your position. No plate, no race, no exceptions! Please use the following guidelines for number plates:

Men/Boys - Yellow plate with Black numbers

Girls/Ladies - Blue plate with White numbers 

Cruisers - Red plate with White numbers 

Plate - Height 20cm Width 25cm

Digits - Height 10cm Line width 1.5cm

Side plates - White with Black numbers 

Side plate digits - 8cm

These combinations make it easy for your number to be read correctly and scored properly. Some riders like to customise their plates which is fine as long as you have plain background colours and digits are legible and have followed correct guidelines. Race plates can be bought at Team65 Race supplies who will also be at the two rounds in Ratoath. Don't forget to register with your correct race number. 

Clothing and Gear

Riders are responsible for wearing the correct protective clothing and gear.

If you have any queries please email