Free Coaching For Junior Members of Cycling Ireland in 2023 

Junior Members of Cycling Ireland can receive tailored coaching plans for free for the remainder of the year through Spoked, an online coaching platform that uses artificial intelligence to offer flexible training and coaching plans tailored to each rider. 

In an exciting development in our partnership with Spoked, Cycling Ireland are delighted to further support the development of junior riders in Ireland by offering this benefit for the rest of the year. 

Built by professional coaches and shaped by everyday riders, every Spoked plan is personalised to you and adapts based on your training progress and personal feedback.  

Spoked is suitable for riders of all levels, whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or targeting your first race this season or simply wanting to add some structure to your training, Spoked has a plan suited to you.    

Junior riders can also opt in to sharing their training data with Cycling Ireland’s High Performance Unit coaches. All junior members will be emailed information on how to register for Spoked and given an option to opt in to sharing their training data. 

Spoked Founder and CEO Richard Lang said:

“I started cycling at the age of 16, which may be considered quite late in this day in age. One thing that stood out to me as a hungry youth rider is, I always wanted to train more and compare myself to others. What’s important to improve in cycling is to focus on yourself. Stick to your guns and follow a plan that is personalised to you. Not others. However, to take advantage of personalised training plans it can be expensive. Offering Spoked free for the reminder of the calendar year (8 months) to all Cycling Ireland junior riders, provides that personalised guidance and an opportunity to connect with the Cycling Ireland coaches to spot the next rising star”.

Cycling Ireland Head Coach Neill Delahaye said: 

"Spoked are offering a very exciting deal to our Junior Riders. I think all riders understand the importance of data in cycling performance analysis and training planning these days. The evidence backed methodology Spoked employ to devise athlete training plans has a sound rationale and can provide an appropriate, progressive training structure for any Junior seeking to progress their cycling to a higher performance level. The option for Junior Riders to opt in to allow their training be visible to the High Performance Unit is also a progressive step in expanding on the narrative and communication we are seeking to develop with riders that hold ambition to ride at International level."

Cycling Ireland Interim Operations Manager Scott Graham said:

“Our partnership with Spoked and their new benefit for junior members is an excellent addition to the extensive benefits of our membership packages at Cycling Ireland. We are delighted to be working with Spoked to offer the benefit, worth over €80, for junior members and I would encourage all our current and future junior members to avail of the benefit.” 

“We recognise the need to support our junior membership and this new benefit does just that. Not only does this offering provide a direct link with our High Performance Unit, allowing riders competing at a high level in Ireland to share their data with our High Performance coaches, this provides juniors who are new to cycling or those who are new to competing an opportunity to get a free personalised training plan for the remainder of the year.”  

All members of Cycling Ireland can avail of two months free membership with Spoked, find out more about this offer here.