Cycling Ireland Extend Partnership With Spoked  

Cycling Ireland are delighted to announce the extension of our partnership with Spoked, giving members of Cycling Ireland 60 days of free training.

Most training apps give you copy and paste plans that don’t flex around real life. Spoked is different. Built by professional coaches and shaped by everyday riders, every Spoked plan is personalised to you and adapts based on your training progress and personal feedback. It also works around your life, with full flexibility built in from the start. 

Say goodbye to standard, inflexible plans and hello to better results and next level confidence with the smartest, most personal and flexible online coach.

Spoked is suitable for riders of all levels, if you’re training to ride your first sportive or are training for the racing season, Spoked has a plan suited to you.  

As part of the partnership, all Cycling Ireland members can enjoy 60 days of free training instead of the typical 30 days. 

Spoked Founder and CEO Richard Lang said:

"Cycling Ireland's strategic pillars of participate, perform and enable align with our goal at Spoked. That’s to help people go further. Whether that’s increasing their avg. speed on the bike, accomplishing that sportive they didn’t think was possible or simply start to ride for the first time. I am proud we’re extending our partnership with Cycling Ireland where together we can positively impact so many riders.”

Cycling Ireland Operations Manager Scott Graham said: 

"We're delighted to extend our partnership with Spoked and offer our members 60 days of free training on the coaching platform. Spoked offers riders personalised training plans, built by professional coaches, and can be a valuable tool both for riders new to cycling as well as competitive riders. We encourage all of our members to avail of this fantastic benefit."

Want to get involved? 

Download Spoked from the Apple or Google Stores 

Registered your account with your Cycling Ireland membership email 

When you start your trial, enter your unique code (check your member benefit email from Cycling Ireland)  to enjoy 60 days instead of the typical 30 days training

Learn more about Spoked here.