The Most Popular Cycling Destinations In Ireland

Ireland is brimming with brilliant cycling destinations that cater to riders of all backgrounds. Whether you're a local Irish cyclist or an international adventurer, join us as we reveal some of the most popular destinations for cycling in Ireland. 

This analysis has been provided by See.Sense, using anonymized data gathered from users of See.Sense lights connected to their free app. See.Sense is our Official Bicycle Lights and Data Insights Supplier, and their data insights have guided the selection of these remarkable destinations.

Discover how cyclists have been drawn to these locations, making them the perfect choice for your cycling adventures.

Portrush Harbour

Nestled along the coast, Portrush is a destination that enchants both locals and international visitors, as reflected in the data. Its picturesque beaches and charming Portrush Harbour make it an ideal location for cyclists seeking breathtaking scenery. 

The North Coast offers some of the best cycling on offer in Ireland, and Portrush is a perfect place to stop and rest your legs. With attractions such as Bushmills distillery, Dunluce Castle and The Dark Hedges nearby, Portrush also acts as a great base for a cycling trip in the area. 

Titanic Quarter- Belfast

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Titanic Quarter, a thriving destination located on the Maritime Mile in Belfast. This dynamic area seamlessly blends Belfast's maritime and industrial heritage with modern attractions, attracting numerous cyclists, as evidenced by the data. 

Cyclists coming here can visit the renowned Titanic Museum, take a tour to learn about Belfast’s ship building history, or catch the Belfast Giants if they’re playing at the nearby Odyssey Arena! 

Seapoint Beach - Blackrock

Seapoint Beach in Blackrock has emerged as a popular destination among cyclists, thanks to its combination of beautiful views and cyclist-friendly amenities. The data confirms that cyclists from various backgrounds have been drawn to this coastal location. 

New cycling infrastructure has been built along the Dun Laoghaire shore in the past few years (you can read more on our analysis of this here), and the area has seen plenty of cyclists stopping along Seapoint Beach as a result. This beach is popular with the locals in Blackrock, and if the weather is good in the summer you can go for a dip. If not, simply enjoy a safe and enjoyable ride along the coastline! 

Baily Lighthouse - Howth

The iconic Baily Lighthouse in Howth, with its rich history and breathtaking views, has consistently attracted cyclists, as indicated by the data. Explore the lighthouse buildings, transformed into a captivating museum, and immerse yourself in the fascinating past. 

The data insights show that cyclists have embraced this historical gem, ensuring that your visit to the Baily Lighthouse promises stunning views and an unforgettable cycling experience.

Carlingford Castle 

Nestled in the shadow of Slieve Foyle, Carlingford Castle has garnered attention from cyclists who seek magnificent scenery mixed with some history. The data reveals that this Norman castle is a magnet for cyclists, drawing them to its rich history and the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds it. 

The castle benefits from the nearby Omeath-Carlingford castle, which provides a great opportunity to take the whole family out for a cycle. If visiting during summer, you can finish off your day with an informative guided tour of the castle!#


Donaghadee, renowned as the best place to live in Northern Ireland for 2023, has also become a popular destination for cyclists, as supported by the data. Its beautiful seaside location and thriving high street offer a picturesque backdrop for cyclists to explore.

Whether you choose to ride along the coastline or venture into the town, you'll discover a unique charm that has attracted cyclists and made Donaghadee a favored spot in the data.


Last, but not least, is the capital, Dublin. Explore popular areas such as Kilmainham Gaol, the Guinness Storehouse, Trinity College, and Grafton Street on your bike, joining the ranks of countless cyclists who have pedaled through Dublin's vibrant streets. 

Dublin offers a diverse range of cycling experiences, from leisurely rides through charming neighborhoods to more adventurous routes that showcase the city's iconic landmarks. Join the local cycling community and discover the unique charm of Dublin on two wheels, just like the many cyclists who have embraced this incredible city according to the data.

From the historic Baily Lighthouse in Howth to the vibrant Titanic Quarter in Belfast, each of these remarkable destinations has been carefully selected based on the data insights provided by See.Sense.

The popularity among cyclists is evident, making these locations an irresistible choice for your cycling adventures. So, dust off your bike, plan your route, and get ready to pedal through Ireland's enchanting landscapes. Whether you're seeking a leisurely ride or a challenging journey, these cycling destinations will leave you with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for the beauty of Ireland. Happy cycling!

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