Cycling Ireland Event & Membership System Transaction Fee Reduction 

Cycling Ireland are pleased to announce a reduction in the transaction fees associated with using our Event Entry and Membership System.

The booking fee now stands at 3% Eventmaster fee plus vat & banking changes. Combined, the blended rate inclusive of vat and banking fees is 5.5%, The significant rate reduction from 7.5% on certain transactions was made possible following successful negotiation with our payment gateway and banking partners.

Event organisers have the option of absorbing the fee as part of the ticket price or passing the fee on to participants. Fees are listed at the check-out if they apply.

The use of the system offers organisers of sanctioned events an competitively priced entry system along with a range of cycling specific functionality and benefits. The Cycling Ireland entry system is used by all sanctioned events.

These include the following benefits: 

- A robust system which is powered by Eventmaster and is capable of processing entries for the largest and most complex events. All the functionality and customisation you would expect from a system that processes hundreds of thousands of entries annually across a broad range of events from cycling to athletics and everything in between.

- Listing on Cycling Ireland events calendar. The Cycling Ireland website receives 1.25 million visits annually and is the go-to location to find and enter sanctioned events. Events not listed on the Cycling Ireland calendar are not sanctioned by Cycling Ireland and do not avail of Cycling Ireland insurance. If entering an unsanctioned event you are advised to check the insurance policy held by the event and if cover extends to you as a participant.

- Competitive fees of 3% Eventmaster fee plus vat & banking changes (a blended rate of 5.5%)

- Organisers receive registration funds in real time.

- Cycling Ireland membership validation at point of registration giving event organisers assurances that insurance is in place.

- Auto population of member details to registration form making the customer journey seamless.

- Event setup functionality to allow the promoter to restrict event registration to specific licence category. E.g. only allow competitive licence category A3 or A4 for male riders in Masters section.

- System allows non-members to purchase an Event License (formally One Day Licence) or a new CI membership if they are not a current CI member, as part of the registration process.

- Inbuilt fundraising tool which allows promoters to enable cyclists to fundraise for a wide range of charities. This also acts as a great marketing tool to promoters.

- No reconciling of event licence fees post event as event licence (ODLs) are purchased at source via the system.

- Where ticket transfer is permitted by the promoter the new recipient is validated for CI membership giving the promoter assurance that insurance cover is in place.

- Road racing points allocation is completed automatically including licence upgrades.

- Data storage on EU servers in line with EU GDPR requirements.

- The system allows for the presentation of event registration and membership in either euro and sterling.

- The system allows event promoters to attach hot keywords to improve search engine optimization (SEO).

- Multiple splits of funds facilitated. E.g if a promoter was also selling additional items such as gilets for a third-party provider, then the funds from this can be directed directly to this third party provider.

- Dedicated support structure for both membership and event registration and also within Eventmaster to further support this team.

- Extensive inbuilt reporting and marketing functionality for event promoters within the system. Monitor ticket sales and revenue.

- Ability to feed into ongoing development of a cycling specific entry, membership and ranking system.

Information of how to apply for a permit and become a sanctioned event is available here