Age & Opportunity - Grant Applications now open 

Applications for the Active National Grant Scheme for Sport and Physical Activity for Older People 2022 are now open.

Cycling Ireland is encouraging clubs to apply for a grant to fund initiatives to entice older people back to cycling and back to engaging in physical activity with their peers. 

The Active National Grant Scheme aims to assist in the implementation of locally-developed, well-planned initiatives designed to increase participation in recreational sport and physical activity by older people. In particular, the scheme is aimed at:

• supporting the work of Age & Opportunity’s Active Programme including the network of PALs (Physical Activity Leaders) and the development of Go for Life Games and other initiatives; 

• assisting local clubs/organisations to enhance existing opportunities for their members in recreational sport and physical activity;

• assisting local clubs/organisations to start new initiatives geared at involving older people in recreational sport and physical activity;

• encouraging all sports clubs to provide new initiatives within their clubs aimed at getting older people back to their sport;

• assisting those working in care settings (both nursing homes and day care settings) to introduce more initiatives to increase physical activity levels of those in their care.

A research report published by the Age & Opportunity entitled "Locked Up, Locked In, Locked Out! The impact of Covid-19 on physical activity in older people's groups" confirms the devastating effect Covid-19 has had on the physical activity levels of older people and their groups. The full research report can be found here

Clubs will be eligible to apply for up to €1000 to fund initiatives aimed at those over the age of 50. 

Completed Application Forms should be sent to the Age & Opportunity's Active programme email: before 12 noon on Friday 25th February 2022. View the Terms and Conditions here and the Application form can be downloaded here