Letters of Indemnity

Event organisers can apply to have a venue or facility that they are hiring indemnified against any claims made against it. Effectively this means that the venue is covered by Cycling Ireland insurance for the time period stated on the indemnity letter. There is a fee of €60/£55 for this letter. Indemnity request forms can be found here. All other event insurance documents are available when you scroll to the bottom of our Insurance page here

Request For Temporary Vehicle Insurance

Temporary Vehicle Insurance (TVI) for event promoters provides comprehensive insurance cover for any volunteer owned vehicles used in the running of an approved Cycling Ireland event. Cover is provided for when the vehicle is in use between 00:00hrs on the first day and 24:00hrs of last day of the event per CI calendar (i.e. can be multi-days for stage races etc.).

The cost per vehicle is based on the number of vehicles which require insurance:
  • For 5 cars or less the cost is €35/£32 per vehicle
  • Between 6 and 10 cars is €25/£22.50 per vehicle
  • Over 10 cars is €20/£18 per vehicle

Requests must be received no later than one week before the event and payment must be received before the event, otherwise insurance cover will not be provided.
Dates cover required:
Vehicles to be insured:
  • 1st vehicle
  • 2nd vehicle
  • 3rd vehicle
  • 4th vehicle
  • 5th vehicle
  • 6th vehicle
  • 7th vehicle
  • 8th vehicle
  • 9th vehicle
  • 10th vehicle
  • 11th vehicle
  • 12th vehicle
  • 13th vehicle
  • 14th vehicle
  • 15th vehicle