2024 Esports National Championships

The 2024 Esports National Championships will take place on February 10th 2024, hosted on Zwift. Following a successful demonstration event in 2022, the Esports National Championships now holds the status of an approved National Championship.

All riders should familiarise themselves with the event technical guide and will be responsible for adhering the event specific rules and equipment regulations.  

Two Championships races will be run; combing junior, senior and masters riders:

  • Esports National Championships (Open)
  • Esports Womens National Championships

The event will be hosted through Zwift, where accepted riders will receive a unique link for the event.

Start Times
Women - 14:05 UTC
Open - 15:35 UTC

Map - Scotland
Route - Rolling Highlands
Laps - 3
Total Distance - 31km

Under Cycling Ireland Technical Regulation T10.A1.29, the following Nationality eligibility will be applied.

The following riders may compete in a National Championship:
(a) Members of Cycling Ireland with the relevant Competition Licence and an IRL Nationality
(b) Members of a UCI affiliated federation with an IRL Nationality on their licence

There are three event tickets to select, with a limit of 20 riders per race. Q1 and Q2 tickets reserved for riders have pre-qualified through their appearance and results in the Zwift GP and CI x RWB Winter Series. All other entries should go through Q3 (wild card).
Q1 - Zwift GP
Q2 - CI x RWB Winter Series
Q3 - Wild Card

Entries close on Sunday 4th February, no late entries to be accepted.

Please note: purchase of an event ticket is not an acceptance into the event. All entries will be notified by Tuesday 6th Feb.

Click here to enter.

Click here for Technical Guide. 


  • Esports National Championships Technical Guide 2024