Women's Coaching Pathway Programme 2023/24

The Women's Coaching Pathway Programme, launched in 2020, and over the last three years 85 female coaches from Athletics, Rowing, Triathlon, Cycling and Boxing have received support in personal and professional development, mentorship, coach education and co-coaching experience.

The programme has been successful in progressing coaches along the pathway and participants reported increased confidence, understanding of their coaching style and feeling part of a support network.

Who Is The Women’s Coaching Pathway For?

We are looking for ambitious females who are looking to develop along the coaching pathway in their respective sport. We want coaches who are hungry for knowledge, a passion for sharing experiences and a desire to progress themselves, their sport and their athletes. Three coaches per sport will be selected.

Coaches must:

● Be over 18 years of age

● Be a member of their Governing Body

● Have a coaching qualification (or be actively working towards)

● Preferably be active in coaching

● Attend all workshops (on-line and in person)

● Actively engage in the coach development opportunities throughout the programme

● Actively engage with mentoring and active learning sets as part of the coaching process

● Implement their learnings within their club

● Proactively seek advice and support from the network, Women in Sport lead and stay in contact with them throughout the programme.

What Are The Benefits Of The Women’s Coaching Pathway?

Coaches will receive the following support as part of the programme:

● Personal Development Coaching Workshops with Jo Hopkins Consulting

● Access to on-line materials and videos

● Access to further CPD opportunities

● A trained Mentor

● Multi sport networking opportunities

● Support from their respective NGB’s Women in Sport Officers.

What Does The Programme Cover?

● Leadership Dynamics

● Team Dynamics

● Authentic Leadership Under Pressure

● Leading Change

● My Personal Resilience

● Building My Network

● Coaching Skills

What Does The Programme Cost?

The programme is being fully funded through Sport Ireland Women In Sport programme. The value of the programme is around 800 Euro per coach and includes on-line material, mentor support, face to face workshops, virtual sessions, networking opportunities and further development post course through continued group support.

How Do I Apply?

Complete the following application form by Wednesday 30th August If you have any questions on the programme please contact your respective programme lead as detailed below. We will let you know by 1st September if you have been successful.

Workshop And On-Line Key Dates

Saturday 23rd September – Introduction Face to Face (Dublin)

14th October – Women’s Coaching Network Day. Open to all coaches from past programmes and the wider coaching community to attend.

Tues 24th October - Session 2 Online

Tues 14th November - Session 3 Online

Tues 12th December - Session 4 Online

Tues 9th January - Session 5 Online

Saturday 27th January – Final Face to Face (Dublin)

Application link

Please complete the following application form here. 

To accompany your application form, we are also requesting a Letter of Recommendation from your club. Please email this letter to elaine.cahill@cyclingireland.ie.

Attendance and Course Participation

Due to past experiences of non-attendance in some circumstances we are bringing some guidelines for attending and taking part in the course.


Non-attendance is classed as missing any part of the course (e.g., an hour, a morning, a day) or the whole course. It is important that you make appropriate arrangements to commit to attending the full course to achieve the learning objectives of the training. We do understand that some situations are unavoidable and will make allowances where possible, however you may be asked to cover the cost of your place if not taken up,

Virtual Training

Where possible, we advise that you do NOT use your mobile phone for this workshop as it can be difficult to log-in and manoeuvre between the functions needed throughout the course, a desktop computer or iPad/tablet are preferable.

Please treat our virtual classroom as if you would an in-person setting and apply the same standards of professional behaviour.


If you cancel your attendance within 5 working days of the course you may incur a charge of 200 euro per course which may be charged to your club. As Sport Ireland fully fund this course ANY non attendance will be subject to a possible charge.