What the Data Says About Cycling In Spring Vs Winter

As we welcome the longer days and warmer weather that spring brings, our latest See.Sense Member’s Insights blog is shedding some light on the seasonal differences in rider behaviour. 

This analysis has been provided by See.Sense, using anonymised data gathered from users of See.Sense lights connected to their free app. See.Sense is our Official Bicycle Lights and Data Insights Supplier and will continue to provide member insight blogs throughout 2024. Find out how to get involved at the bottom of the article. 

The analysis of sensor data from See.Sense bike lights reveals some intriguing seasonal patterns in cycling behaviour, highlighting a clear difference between how cyclists ride in winter time compared to spring time. 

Speed Insights: A Winter's Caution, A Spring's Vigor

The See.Sense data shows a clear decrease in cycling speed during the winter months. Speeds above 27 kph (where the two lines meet) are much less common in the winter compared to the spring. This cautious approach very likely stems from the challenges posed by shorter days, mainly reduced visibility and slippery conditions. 


However, as spring arrives, we can see that higher speeds are much more common than in winter. This seasonal shift underscores the importance of using bike lights with speed-measuring capabilities, not only to enhance visibility but also to monitor and adjust speed for safer cycling.

Swerving Insights: Navigating with Care

Winter brings a large increase in medium to high-intensity swerving events among cyclists using See.Sense lights. These swerving patterns indicate the need to navigate around obstacles like ice patches or potholes that are more prevalent in colder months.

Conversely, gentle swerving events are much more common in spring with a significant drop in more intense swerving events from the graph below. 

Braking Insights: The Changing Pace of Stopping

Our analysis also reveals seasonal variations in braking behaviour. Winter sees an uptick in gentle braking, suggesting cautious deceleration in potentially hazardous conditions. 

Meanwhile, spring's arrival ushers in more frequent medium and high-intensity braking events, likely due to increased speed and more active riding, with riders having greater confidence in maintaining grip under heavy braking. 

Staying Daylight Visible

In summary, examining seasonal rider behaviour with See.Sense's data reveals how each season shapes our cycling habits uniquely. From cautious winters to vibrant springs, understanding these patterns stresses the importance of adapting for safer rides.

Regardless of the season or conditions, prioritising safety remains paramount. As we embrace the warmer weather and longer days of spring, let's remember the importance of staying visible and safe on every ride, even during daylight.  With See.Sense bike lights offering visibility not just during the night but also in changing daylight conditions, cyclists can navigate roads with confidence year-round.

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