Updated Cycling Ireland National Champions Jersey Designs

Cycling Ireland has updated their National Champions Jersey Design, after consultation with our Official Technical Clothing Supplier – Spin 11.

The new designs are now registered with the UCI as the Registered Jersey for Irish National Champions to be used after 2022 Championships and these are what commissaires both in Ireland and Internationally will then use for riders’ compliance. The use of an incorrect National Champions Jersey can result in both fines in Ireland and across the world.

As before, all Junior and Senior National Champions will be issued depending on event with either a Jersey or Skinsuit predominantly in white, while Masters will be presented with the predominantly green version of the clothing. Each rider may only receive 1 item per year.

In line with UCI rules there are very strict regulations on where sponsors names can appear – these are indicated on the designs and within Cycling Ireland Technical Regulations.

We would like to remind all riders of the Cycling Ireland Regulations for the manufacture of additional Jerseys or Skinsuits.

26. The winner of jerseys as defined in rule T10.A1.15 above may provide further identical jerseys, which must be worn in all races of a similar discipline until the day prior to the following years Championship. Where the winner is a member of a sponsored team then such jersey may carry the sponsors name(s) in accordance with T10.A4.27 below but such a jersey must have the approval of the Cycling Ireland Technical Consultant. The wearing of this jersey will not disbar the rider from eligibility for any team awards. Failure to wear a National Champions Jersey designed to match the design currently registered with the UCI may result in the rider being fined €250 per offence.

Should anyone have any queries on the above please contact Cycling Ireland Technical Consultant Paul Watson on paul.watson@cyclingireland.ie

- Cycling Ireland Technical Working Group

National Champions Jersey Design

Masters Champions Jersey Design