Uniting Force – Joint Training Day with Cycling Ireland and the Track Commission 

Cycling Ireland announce an exciting training day in collaboration with the Track Commission and Cycling Ireland High Performance Unit (HPU), taking place on Sunday April 7th. 

This collaborative effort aims to enhance the skills and confidence of track cyclists across all levels, paving the way for increased participation in track disciplines, future success in international competitions and greater representation at major championships.

Event Details:

Date: April 7th

Time: Morning session starts at 10am, followed by lunch at 1pm. Afternoon session begins at 2pm- 5:pm

Location: Sundrive Velodrome

Who can Attend:

The morning session welcomes riders primarily of development ages Junior and U23. This session is open to those that have an interest in track racing across various events. Whether you're an experienced track racer or just dipping your toes into the world of velodrome racing, this session is intended to cater to your needs and aspirations.

The afternoon session will be open to the same Riders as the morning session plus a selection of experienced Senior Riders. The session will be Madison focused. 

What to Expect:

Led by experienced coaches from the Track Commission and Cycling Ireland, the training day promises an engaging and educational experience. Participants can look forward to:

1. Comprehensive Skill Development: Through a series of drills and exercises, riders will refine their techniques and hone their track cycling skills under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

2. Technical Knowledge Sharing: Gain insights and expertise from experts in the field, who will provide invaluable tips and strategies to elevate your performance on the track. 

3. Focus on Madison Event: The afternoon session will delve deeper into the intricacies of the Madison event, offering specialised training and coaching to enhance proficiency and confidence in this exciting discipline.

Why It Matters:  

This collaborative initiative shows the commitment of Cycling Ireland HPU and the Track Commission to foster growth and excellence in track cycling. By joining forces, we aim to create opportunities for riders to excel on both national and international stages and ultimately develop a pathway for aspiring track riders.

Why It's Important:

This collaboration between Cycling Ireland and the Track Commission is pivotal in fostering growth and excellence within track cycling. With a unified goal, we aim to provide opportunities for riders to shine both nationally and internationally. In particular, Cycling Ireland is urging all Juniors and U23 athletes interested in seeking International Selection to attend.

This event offers a unique chance to connect with coaches, showcase your talents, and initiate the process of getting acquainted with fellow athletes while assessing potential. This is a significant opportunity to demonstrate your interest to be involved in Track Cycling at an International level in the future and is a step towards getting noticed and seizing future opportunities.

How to Participate:

The Track Commission will be contacting riders directly by email. Your provinces will also be creating awareness of the Training Day.  Please reply and confirm attendance should you receive an email. 

If you do not receive an email, feel free to contact the Track Commission and your participation request will be considered. Cycling Ireland will confirm thereafter with the Track Commission final numbers which is necessary to inform session structure and plans for the day.

Please email the Chairperson of the Track Commission, Autumn Collins for more information - chairperson.track@cyclingireland.ie

Mark your calendars for April 7th and get ready to embark on a journey of skill development, camaraderie, and track cycling excellence. We can't wait to see you on the velodrome!