Ultra-cyclist scorch around Wild Mayo.

The Wild Mayo Ultra attracted a very niche breed of cyclist to Westport for 72hours on the weekend of July 23 to 25th. The numbers partaking may be small but each brought their own support crews, supporters and family members to cajole them around the route.


The Wild Mayo Ultra had 2 events running simultaneously, the 300k was for those new to Ultra cycling, the route was still considered very tough as it banged a fair punch with over 310m of elevation gain for every 30kms covered. The route whizzed along the North and west coastlines finishing back in buzzing Westport.

The 650k event was a completely different proposition, taking in a full lap of the county border and coastline, throw in every mountain and hill that a road climbs over while passing a host of iconic beauty spots, this route wasn’t for the faint hearted  as it includes the best of what Mayo has to offer a cyclist.   

Meath man Paul Caldwell sponsored by Cloud forest and his mersessionary support crew chewed up the route in a mere 26hrs to blow the opposition away… Caldwell is an endurance freak, setting a new Irish record on his mountain bike for an out and back bid on the Wicklow way, 6 weeks ago. Paul did something similar on what’s known as the Ireland divide, an off road path from the Beara peninsula in Co Cork to Belcoo in Co Fermanagh again unsupported.. The man thrives on pain and misery.. saying all that he considered the Mayo 650 route as something of pure beauty where he felt Euphoric  at times . 


Rachel Nolan the queen of endurance in Mayo, pushed Paul hard early on but had to back off a bit due to Paul’s unrelenting pace.. Still the Ballina woman set a blistering pace for 650k fighting tooth and nail to hold off the challenge of Darragh Delaney Claremorris who gradually came into his own as the hours passed, this was Darragh’s first 24 hour race and he acquitted himself admirably.  

Stats for 650k 

Elevation gain 6250m 

 650K podium L to R, Anthony Murray Westport Bike shop, Rachel Nolan 2nd, 1st Paul Caldwell,3rd  Darragh Delaney Martin of the Mariner hotel

Aiclinn O Reilly from Kilmeena Westport blitzed around the 300k route in a time of 9hrs 36minutes at an unbelievable average speed of 31.5 kilometres per hour, this was some feat considering the hot and sticky temperatures that exceeded 27degress for most of the day and with most of the climbing in the second half of the route  in Achill the route was going to punish those who started fast. 

Aiclinn’s pace never dropped, he may have struggled on Minaun Heights with gears that were not low enough as he underestimated the steepness of the climb (20% plus for 2kms) but once over the top he ploughed on home at a blistering speed.  

Second home was Carramore man Shaun Barnicle of Western Lakes CC who despite his tender age and lack of experience completed the route in 10hours 21minutes.

Third home was Cavan man Mervyn Kinkade in 10hours 32minutes, Mervan only a few weeks earlier set a new record  for the Joe Barr 200 distance and was very much the favourite. 

All participants had to use a tracking device and while they were competing, supporters and family members could log into Primal Tracking website and they could see exactly where a participant was and how they were doing against other competitors... All weekend people were asking were you dot watching such was the interest. 

Stats for 300k route

Elevation gain was  3100m 

300k podium L to R 2nd Shaun Barnicle, 1st Aiclinn O Reilly, 3rd Mervyn Kinkade

1st woman 300k Niamh O Brien Dublin


The locals took the top 2 steps of the podium much to the delight of the local crowd. For most of the participants and especially those from around the country the Wild Mayo Ultra 300k  was all about completing  the route, if the opportunity arose where they could enjoy the views they took it and savoured the  whole experience. Over half the 300k field did the event unsupported with organisers making provisions for mobile support along the way.  

The Wild Mayo Ultra  organisers are extremely grateful to the Mariner hotel,  Westport's newest Boutique hotel for hosting the event headquarters for the entire weekend and to Mayo.ie, Destination Westport, Primal event timing and prize sponsors Marrey Bikes and Westport Bike shop for supporting the event. 

Mayo Ultra will be back in April 2022. 

Everyone remarked how beautiful county Mayo is, the unique route brought them to areas that wouldn’t be mainstream tourist hotspots and one can be sure participants will be back again to explore in detail the route and anything else they missed while racing around Wild Mayo. 

Westport is re-establishing itself as the adventure capital of Ireland, next up in Mayo’s beauty hotspot is Gravel Grind West September 17 and 18th and it’s sure to bring another breed of cyclist to the town. 


650k results (Supported)

1st Paul Caldwell Cloud forest endurance Meath 25:59hrs 

2nd Rachel Nolan Rachel irish adventures Ballina 28:34hrs 

3rd Darragh Delaney Annagh wheelers 29:35 hrs 


300k results (Supported)

1st Aiclinn O Reilly Castlebar CC 9:36 hrs 

2nd Shaun Barnicle Western Lakes CC 10:21hrs

3rd Mervyn Kinkade Cavan 10:32hrs


1st woman 300k 

Niamh O Brien Dublin 15:09hrs 


300k (Unsupported)

1st Mervyn Kinkade Cavan10:32hrs 

2nd Liam Mc Carthy Dublin 12:06hrs 

3rd David Belmonte Cork 12:19hrs 


300K pairs relay

1st Shaun Mc Daid and Paul Fegan Donegal 9:48hrs

2nd Alan Heary and Simon O Dea Race around Ireland Meath 11:43hrs 


Full results with Stage by stage breakdowns.


Mayo 650 Ultra - https://live.primaltracking.com/mayo650ultra21/ 

Mayo Furnace 300 - https://live.primaltracking.com/mayofurnace21/