Texaco 'Support For Sport' Club Funding Initiative Applications Open

The Texaco Support for Sport funding initiative has been launched for the fourth successive year.

Under the scheme, hosted by Valero Energy (Ireland) Limited, the company that markets fuel in Ireland under the Texaco brand, a fund of €130,000 will be distributed to twenty-six sports clubs on a county-by-county basis, with successful applicants receiving €5,000 in each case.

To date, the initiative has seen €385,000 distributed amongst 77 sports clubs across the Republic of Ireland.

Open to sports clubs across the 26-counties, irrespective of sporting discipline, size, membership, age, cultural appeal or gender, the initiative is one that recognises and supports the valuable contribution that sports clubs make to communities and throughout Irish society as a whole.

Cycling Ireland encourage all Republic of Ireland-based affiliated clubs to consider an application to benefit from the initiative. Closing date for applications is January 31st, 2024, with adjudication taking place thereafter.

The application process, as well as more information, can be found here.