RICHAEL TIMOTHY has said this morning’s Paralympics Time Trial was the hardest race she has ever ridden. 

In sweltering heat and high humidity Richael rode her first road event in the Games against the best in the world. 

She lined out in the Women’s C1-C3 Time Trial over two laps of the Fuji International Speedway over a total distance of 16 kilometres.

The brave Roscommon rider worked hard and set a time of 30:55.24 on the road, leaving her in 14th place. 

The medals were taken by Keiko Sugiura of Japan with 25:55.79, silver by Anna Beck from Sweden with 26:18.03 and bronze for Australian athlete Paige Greco with a time of 26:37.54.

Richael spoke of the immense difficulty out on the course and the challenge of riding safely. 

“It was really hard to be honest. I found it so tough, not even the hilly parts but the technical parts. For me my right side is so much weaker, so when I’m going I kind of, not panic, but I went to use my right hand in the race the way I used to use it to and it caused a bit of a slip. I had to slow down a bit in the bends, just be cautious going into them to keep upright. It is the hardest TT I have ever done. I pushed so hard today, and that’s what I wanted to do – just leave it all out there – I feel like I did that. I looked down at one point and my heart rate was 200 – I went as hard as I could. I didn’t come here to medal and gain as much experience as I could. Two years ago I wouldn’t be able to do this – so I’m happy to be here and competing,” she said. 


Richael said the Paralympic Games have been a huge learning experience for her and said it will feed back into her performances in the future.  

“I have come along a lot in my cycling, I am watching what the other girls in my category are doing, the lines they are taking and how they are doing the small things. A lot of them would have a similar impairment to me.

Road race looking forward to it. I like a bunch race. I’ll stick to the wheels as long as I can. I am fit and ready for it, it is just a case of getting out there.  Speed and technical aspects will come in time,” she explained. 

Richael will line out in the C1-C3 Road Race on Friday, 3 September.