National Road Series – Clarification of Junior and Senior Rankings


At the most recent Technical Working Group Meeting, the group reviewed the ranking of Junior and Senior Women in the National Road Series.

On review it is clearly defined in the Organisers Guide that these are two separate series with separate points allocated to junior and senior riders.


Due to the limited number of Junior Women entered in certain events – organisers have been combining the races into one event on the road, however, the senior and junior series are treated as separate series.

As defined in Section 10 there are separate points available for Senior Women and Junior Women and two leaders’ jerseys.


Updated rankings separating senior and junior riders can be viewed on the National Road Series webpage here


The final round of the National Road Series takes place on August 20th at the John Beggs Memorial promoted by Banbridge Cycling Club. It is a testament to the talent of our young riders that they are performing at such a high level in events combined with senior riders.