Cycling Ireland's Women’s Commission is entering a team in 2023!

What is Mondello24?

Mondello24 is an exciting continuous 24-hour relay race that takes place in the unique setting of the famed international race circuit. The event will begin at midday Saturday 24th June and finish midday Sunday 25th June. 

How does it work?

The challenge is to complete as many laps as possible in 24 hours. Teams get to share the distance they cover, there is no minimum or maximum time each individual rider on a team must complete. Each team will have one rider on track at any one time with riders handovers taking place in pit lane where the incoming rider will transfer the team's allocated slap band across to the rider who is about to take over riding duties

This is an event for those who not only want to test their physical and mental strength, but who also want to share the experience with others and meet new people in the process. The atmosphere in the paddock and pit garages is as much a part of the race weekend as the action on the track. The Women’s Commission will lead the team and arrange the support crews etc for the event. 

For full information and for all the FAQ’s check out Mondello 24 - Mondello Park

I’m intrigued! Can I apply?

Yes! Check out the selection criteria below and if you’re interested in putting your name forward, please email by 12pm Wednesday on May 10th. 

If selected, training sessions at Mondello24 will be provided

Selection Criteria

The Mondello 24 Selection Criteria defines the process by which a rider is selected for the cycling discipline following successful qualification. Only athletes who meet the requirements of the Women’s Cycling Ireland Eligibility Criteria as outlined will be considered.

The purpose of the selection criteria as outlined in this document is to select riders best capable of performances for the Cycling Ireland Women’s Commission.

Applications are open to all categories.  A minimum of 4 riders will be selected. 

Decision Making Matrix

Selection for the available places will be made in accordance with the decision-making matrices listed.

The Women’s Commission reserve the right to call fitness tests/trials to confirm a rider’s form within the preparatory period leading up to the event in which the rider is entered and to substitute a selected rider with a reserve if the outcome of the test/trial is not satisfactory.

The Women’s Commission will nominate the selected riders in accordance with the timetable outlined.

1. Expression of Interest Email: before 12 noon on May 10th, 2023 explaining where you meet the criteria.

2. Team announced: on or before May 12th 2023 


The Event Selection Panel consists of:

1. Jennifer Bates – Treasurer Women’s Commission

2. Theresa Finn – Secretary Women’s Commission 

3. Colin Mac Hale – Womens Commission Chairperson, the role of Chairperson is merely to ensure that the criteria and process as outlined are applied correctly

How to Appeal:

The Appeals Process is invoked by making a formal written appeal, either by letter or e-mail to the Women’s Commission Chairperson

The appeal shall detail where, in the opinion of the appellant, the Selection Panel have failed to adhere to the selection criteria or failed in their duties as detailed under the Grounds for Appeal. Only one appeal per rider is permitted and this must be specific in detailing where, in the opinion of the appellant, the W.C.  Selection Panel failed in their responsibilities.

Costs accrued by the appellant shall be met by the appellant.

Grounds for Appeal

The grounds for appeal are limited to allegations of:

Failure to follow due process and/or selection procedures

a. Selection12th May
b. Inform long list riders of selection decisionBy 5pm 13th May
c. Appeal to be lodged by RiderBy 5pm on 14th May

 Selection Criteria 

1. The criteria consists of both Eligibility and Performance Criteria:

1.1. Eligibility Criteria – these are to be met by riders before they will be assessed against the performance criteria, riders not meeting any of the eligibility criteria will not be considered for selection.

Eligibility Criteria
a. Does the rider hold a current C.I licence which permits them to race in the discipline, they are being considered for and which has a UCI licence code.

b. Has the Rider completed Application Process, Expression of Interest Email

c. Has the rider signed or willing to sign Cycling Ireland’s  Code of Conduct for riders?

d. Rider is available to race from June 24th to June 25th 2023. Junior rider must name a parent / guardian who is available to accompany them on these dates. 


Criteria and points for Mondello 24:

Has the Athlete applied as per communicated Press (20)

Adherence to the Cycling Ireland Anti-Doping Policy (10)

Athletes demonstrated Form / Condition / Participation in a similar event (20)

Has the Athlete supported previous Women’s Commission initiatives, including events & Training days (10).

Previous positive experience when representing a Women’s Commission Selection (20)

Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a team (20)

Demonstrated ability to follow a strategy/plan (20)

Suitability to the Event, including Technical ability , and experience in specific event (20)

Performance and/or results in Women’s Road Events (20)

Maximum points possible (160) (Minimum 100 points required)

The Women’s Commission reserve the right to extend or reopen applications if the quotas (Above) have not been reached, or due to riders surrendering their selection (Fitness/ Injuries etc).