How To Get Back In The Saddle This Year

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year as we come into February! Now it’s time to get back on the bike, here are Spin11's top tips on how to get back on it!

Take it easy

Sounds straight forward right? It can be hard when you are used to your pace, but it’s best to start off slow and steady and build yourself up again, especially if there’s a few more extra mince pies on board! Know it can only get easier, the first ride back is always the hardest but once it’s out of the way, you will be back on the right track! Just got to let those legs spin!

Head out with a friends/club

It’s always easier to get more motivated when there is a group of you heading out! If you’re lacking motivation the people around you might be too, coming together and making that first step can help a lot. Go out for fun and just enjoy riding your bikes together! 

Set goals

Setting goals is very important as it may help with your motivation. It is key to set realistic goals even if it’s just as simple as riding to work every day – it’s great to have a starting point! It’s also a great idea to set some goals with friends so you can all head in the right direction together! 

Treat yourself

Sometimes it can just be the little things, getting yourself some new cycling kit can help the motivation of getting back in the bike! The jersey may be a little bit tighter after Christmas and the New Year, but good times were had so don’t be so hard on yourself! Treat yourself to a little something even a pair of socks in can make all the difference. 

Enjoy it

The main thing is enjoy the ride, it may feel harder than usual but it can only get easier.