Gran Fondo World Championships 2023 - Ireland

A large contingent of Irish riders will take part in the Gran Fondo World Championships in Glasgow which will be held as part of the multi-discipline UCI World Championships.  

The Gran Fondo World Championships includes mass participation Road Races and Time Trials with riders competing in their respective age groups. Riders are timed on course and compete to get their best time, with the top riders competing for medals.  

The Gran Fondo Mass Participation Road Races take place on Friday, 4th August and will be contested over 160.3km featuring 1663 metres of elevation starting in Perth and finishing nearby at Scone Palace. Racing will get underway at from 10:50 with each age category setting off five minutes apart.  

The Medio Fondo Road Race is a shorter race held over 85.7km featuring 777 metres of elevation for Men 60 years and older and women 50 years and older.  

The Grand Fondo Time Trials will take place on Monday, 7th August starting and finishing in Dundee on a 22.8km course starting at 10am.

Live timing is available here:

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Women’s Gran Fondo Road Race

Marine Lenehan 19-34 F 

Vanessa Fursden 35-39 F 

Lorraine Mullarkey 35-39 F 

Suzanne White 40-44 F 

Sharon Bird 45-49 F 

Women’s Individual Time Trial

Hazel Smyth 40-44 F 

Deirdre O’Reilly 45-49 F

Women’s Medio Fondo Road Race

Eimear D'Arcy 50-54 F

Julie Rea 55-59 F

Men’s Gran Fondo Road Race

Simon Ryan 19-34 M 

Lindsay Watson 19-34 M 

Barry Greer 35-39 M 

Jamie Phillips 35-39 M 

Cathal Moynihan 40-44 M

Paul Kennedy 40-44 M 

Alan Bingham 45-49 M 

Cahir O'Higgins 45-49 M 

Vincent Gleeson 50-54 M 

Eoin O Connell 50-54 M 

Shane McNeill 50-54 M 

Shaun Carey 50-54 M 

Andy Murray 50-54 M

Jason Henry 50-54 M 

Patrick Cox 50-54 M 

Nigel Watt 50-54 M

Chris Reilly 55-59 M 

Des Woods 55-59 M 

Chris McCann 55-59 M

Liam McCrory 55-59 M 

Men’s Individual Time Trial

Lindsay Watson 19-34 M 

Paul Kennedy 40-44 M

Cahir O'Higgins 45-49 M

Chris Reilly 55-59 M

John Madden 55-59 M

Gregory Swinand 55-59 M

Joseph Murphy 60-64 M 

Colin McGready 60-64 M 

Jimmy Flynn 65-69 M 

Men’s Medio Fondo Road Race

Tony Daly 60-64 M 

Joseph Murphy 60-64 M 

Colin McGready 60-64 M 

Michael Cusack 65-69 M