Forefront Sports has partnered with Flanders Classics to promote the UCI Cyclo-Cross World Cup cycling event in Dublin 


Forefront Sports is thrilled to have been appointed local promoters for the upcoming fifth round of the UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup. The event will be held at the prestigious Sport Ireland Campus on November 26th, 2023, and is set to attract top riders from around the world to compete at this world-class sporting facility spanning over 500 acres. 


Following the tremendous success of the inaugural UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup event hosted in Ireland last year, which drew in a staggering 8,000 fans, this year's competition promises to be even more remarkable. In addition to the elite men and women races, official youth category racing will be included, offering a unique opportunity for young riders to demonstrate their cycling skills and prowess. 


Cian Branagan, CEO ForeFront Sports -

‘We are really looking forward to the UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup here in Dublin and with the growing interest in the sport across Ireland, I foresee this year’s event being one of the biggest cycling events ever held in Ireland.’ 
“The first edition of UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup round in Dublin turned out to be a huge success”, says Flanders Classics CEO Tomas Van Den Spiegel. “We feel there is room left for the event to grow. Therefore we’re happy to join forces with ForeFront Sports to investigate the potential of this cyclo-cross event of the highest level on Irish soil. We are already looking forward to the upcoming edition on the 26th of November.” 
‘Last year’s event was hugely successful, bringing many of the world's top cyclists, male and female, to Ireland. The strong attendance at the Dublin round showed the demand for this event both among our domestic fans and international visitors. It was also viewed by a large television audience across Europe. We hope that the world-class facilities at Sport Ireland Campus are home to events of this scale on an ongoing basis, and naturally welcome the inclusion of a Dublin round in the UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup calendar next season. We look forward to working with our partners the UCI, Flanders Classics, Cycling Ireland and Forefront Sports to build on last year’s success.’ – Dr Úna May CEO Sport Ireland 


Cyclo-cross is a fast-paced, highly accessible and thrilling discipline within the cycling world, requiring riders to navigate demanding and muddy terrains that put their bike handling skills and physical fitness to the ultimate test. 


The Sport Ireland Campus is a renowned hub for numerous high-performance sports programs and events in Ireland. The recent planning approval for the National Velodrome at the campus highlights its unwavering commitment to providing world-class facilities for athletes and spectators alike. 


Forefront Sports, in collaboration with Cycling Ireland, Sport Ireland, and Flanders Classics, is committed to delivering an unforgettable experience for all participants, spectators, and sponsors. The event's success is expected to create a lasting legacy, inspiring future generations of elite riders, and showcasing the family-friendly nature of Cyclo-cross. 

The organizers look forward to contributing to the event's resounding success and are excited about the opportunity to promote this prestigious event. 


The organisers look forward to contributing to the event's resounding success and are excited about the opportunity to promote this prestigious event.