Powering your Cyclocross event with Kinetica Sports

We have teamed up with our sports nutrition partner, Kinetica Sports, to get some information on the key nutrition areas to focus on and how their products can be incorporated into an energy and recovery strategy for a cyclocross race. 

Cyclocross places significant demands on the body’s energy stores to perform at high intensity for the duration of the race, which can last up to 50 minutes. 

So, what are the key nutrition areas to focus on and what products should you think about when you want to take your performance to the next level? 


Hydration is a key aspect of nutrition and race preparation, but it is an area that can be often overlooked when it comes to race day. Beginning your race dehydrated can have serious implications for your performance. It can lead to a reduction in exercise intensity and a risk of cramping, especially if sweat rates are high. Using a Kinetica Electro C tablet in water will help with hydration by increasing fluid retention. 

Benefits of Kinetica Electro C

- Important for hydration and supporting overall performance.

- Contains key electrolytes sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

- May reduce cramping and prevent muscle fatigue. 

- Available in a refreshing lemon fizz flavour. 

Energy and Performance

Carbohydrates are important for performance and for preventing fatigue. When our energy stores become depleted, there is a reduction in overall performance, resulting in poor decision making and slower reaction times.

Consuming an energy drink or carbohydrate gel like Kinetica Energy Gels after your cyclocross warm-up can help with preventing fatigue and help with performance. If you feel you would need a hit of caffeine, then taking a Kinetica Caffeine Gel can provide you with 105mg of caffeine. Caffeine has multiple benefits, including increased focus, alertness and improved cognitive function. 

If you prefer not to use gels as a carbohydrate source, why not try Kinetica Energy. It can be mixed easily with water and sipping on this before your race will help with hydration and keep those energy stores elevated. You can also use a Kinetica Electro C tablet with this product. Just drop it in the water and you have a nice mix of carbohydrates and electrolytes. 

Benefits of Kinetica Energy and Caffeine Gels

- Provides between 24-27g of carbohydrates per gel. 

- 105mg of caffeine per gel to improve alertness and focus. 

- Available in Cola and Berry flavours. 

Benefits of Kinetica Energy Powder

- 41g of carbohydrates per serving, a blend of glucose and fructose. 

- Contains B Vitamins for energy. 

- Available in refreshing citrus flavour. 


After any event, it is important to begin the recovery process as soon as possible. That’s where Kinetica Recovery comes in. It gives your body the high-quality recovery fuel with 42g of carbohydrates which are important for replenishing your energy stores and 22g of protein isolate per serving to help with muscle repair. 

Benefits of Kinetica Recovery

- 42g of carbohydrates and 22g of protein isolate per serve. 

- Contains antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E.

- Available in Orange Mango and Wild Berry flavours. 

Why Choose Kinetica? 

At Kinetica, we want to start a different conversation in sports nutrition and that’s what makes us unique as a brand. We believe that every athlete has a ‘why’. That driving force that lights the fire in their belly. The reason they get back up. Every. Single. Time. We’re here to nourish our consumers ‘why’ with the nutrition it deserves. We are not focused on the size of our consumer’s goal; we care about the honesty of their effort and that’s what makes us different.

Product quality and safety is something we take very seriously at Kinetica. All products are batch tested independently   in compliance with WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) exacting standards, again, giving you the confidence to put your trust in Kinetica. 

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