Cycling Ireland Programmes 2022 Update

Cycling Ireland successfully delivered a variety of programmes in 2022 including Balance Bike, Sprocket Rocket, Transition Year Trail Cycling and Cycling Hubs.  

Sport Ireland Dormant Accounts funding supports the co-ordination and delivery of such programmes, with over 4,000 participants from socially, economically and educationally disadvantaged areas in 2022. 

Programmes were delivered using a team of Activation Officers equipped with bikes, helmets and supporting equipment which are critical to its success.  

Programmes such as Sprocket Rocket and Balance Bike took place in DEIS schools and feedback from participating schools and organisations has been positive. 

A Cycling Hub Blueprint was released to provide support for clubs, councils and LSP’s in a step-by-step guide.  

Kilkenny County Council recently joined the Cycling Hub programme as we continue to work in partnership with South Dublin Sport Partnership and Waterford Sports Partnership to support them with Cycling Hub developments. 

Cycling Ireland, in partnership with StreetGames, this year launched a research project into the perception, barriers and uptake of cycling for young people living in deprived communities across Ireland through an online survey and focus groups.  

The report and recommendations identified the need for the development of a Bike Maintenance course, this will be piloted in the coming months. 

Cycling Ireland Programmes Co-ordinator Margo Finnegan said: 

“Sport Ireland Dormant Accounts Fund enabled Cycling Ireland to support thousands of young people from disadvantaged areas to access cycling in a fun and safe environment, providing a positive experience, a lot of whom it has been their first time on a bike." 
“These programmes provide an opportunity for participants to gain confidence and competence when cycling and create habits of lifelong participation and a skill for life. Feedback from the programmes has been heartwarming with so many young people benefiting and schools keen for the programmes to return in 2023.” 
“A special thanks and recognition must be given to the Activation Officers out on the ground delivering the programmes and providing expert coaching in schools across Ireland.”