Cycling Ireland High-Performance Pathway Consultation Process

Cycling Ireland is pleased to announce the commencement of a significant consultation exercise on our High-Performance Pathway.

This initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to fostering talent at the appropriate age and level and ensuring a clear and visible High-Performance Pathway.

In line with our mission to promote cycling at all levels, we recognise the importance of engaging with relevant stakeholders. This consultation exercise will provide a platform for valuable input to shape our strategy for youth and junior High Performance cycling opportunities in Ireland and Internationally.

The consultation process will consist of several key stages:

Initial Consultation via Online Survey

We invite all relevant parties, including riders, coaches, clubs, and representatives from  provinces, to participate in an online survey. At this time, we are seeking feedback relating to riders in the following age categories: U16, U18 and U23 across all cycling disciplines. Also, parents, coaches, clubs, regional teams, and race organisers involved with riders and groups in these age categories who regularly compete at a high national level in Ireland or the UK and other International events.

This survey is accessible here starting from Wednesday, September 27th, to Tuesday, October 24th. The survey aims to gather insights, feedback, and suggestions on youth and junior participation, talent development environments, and access to the High-Performance Pathway.

Analysis of Survey Results

Following the conclusion of the survey period, our dedicated team will meticulously analyse the responses. We will use this data to identify trends, challenges, and opportunities that will guide our strategy development.

Reporting Back to Participants

Once the data analysis is complete, we will report back to all consultation participants to share the findings. We highly value the input from our stakeholders, and we believe in transparency throughout this process. We will provide a comprehensive overview of the survey results.

Strategy Development

Building on the insights gained from the consultation exercise, Cycling Ireland will develop a new High-Performance Pathway strategy. This strategy will be aligned with our wider participation and development strategies, ensuring a holistic approach to youth and junior cycling.

We encourage all relevant stakeholders, as stated above, in the cycling community to actively participate in this consultation exercise. 

Michael Black, Cycling Ireland High Performance Development Coach, said: 

"Cycling Ireland is committed to creating a nurturing talent development environment that allows our young riders to reach their full potential and contribute to the growth of cycling in the country. This consultation exercise is part of a wider look at the current high-performance pathway available to riders, at each stage of their journey. The long-term vision for our Talent Development Environment is to consistently deliver a talent development system which is underpinned by a clear understanding of the needs of the athlete at each stage of the high-performance pathway."
"We ultimately want to prepare our athletes to perform where and when it matters, supporting and developing high performance athletes of the future to progress towards medal success and beyond. To achieve this there is a need for long term aims and messages, with an emphasis on appropriate development, individualised and ongoing support, wrapped around a holistic and systematic approach."
"The creation of a Shared Mental Model which focusses on a clear understanding of an athlete’s developmental needs, who the key people involved are and what their role is, is also a critical focus during the early stages of this plan."