Cycling Ireland Establish Road Grading Working Group 

Cycling Ireland will establish a Road Grading Working Group to assess the current road racing grading and provide recommendations to promoters for race days. 

Members of the Road Grading Working Group will be appointed by the Cycling Ireland Technical Working Group with the aim of increasing participation in road cycling and ensure inclusivity for all.  

The Road Grading Working Group will look at the overall strategy, from technical rules around grading to the structure of race days and the race calendar with the goal of making racing more attractive and accessible.  

As part of a consultation process, your views on how road grading and racing can be restructured - along with your reasons why - are welcomed in the questionnaire below.  

All responses are collected anonymously and will be reviewed and taken on board by the working group. We value the input of riders, promoters, Commissaires and Cycling Ireland members to help us come to reasoned decisions for the betterment of road racing in Ireland. 

You can fill out the form here.