Cycling Ireland CEO calls for board level issues to be resolved conclusively


The episode in recent weeks is confusing and frustrating for the cycling community in Ireland. It is vital that the issues at Board level are resolved conclusively, so that the company can get on with the business of looking after its members, and growing cycling across the island.


We stand ready to work with Sport Ireland to identify and appoint directors to the Board, reflecting the diversity of our membership. However, it is also crucial that these directors possess the skills and experience to provide effective governance and deliver on our Strategic Plan. This needs to happen as a matter of priority to ensure the continued development and growth of cycling in Ireland. In this respect we are frustrated and very disappointed to have lost appointed directors with this undoubted level of expertise.


The staff of Cycling Ireland is hugely passionate and proud of the positive work being done. The current popularity, investment in infrastructure, and the physical, mental health, environmental and community building benefits of cycling represent a once in a generation opportunity. Participation numbers are growing at all age groups and at all levels of cycling, and the membership and staff of Cycling Ireland deserve a leadership which is unified and shares a crystal-clear vision and plan for the development of the sport.


We are acutely aware of our responsibility to protect and grow the sport on behalf of our members and future generations of cyclists. Members are, and always will be, the most important part of our sport and we now need to redouble our efforts to serve their best interests. 

Matt McKerrow

Cycling Ireland CEO