Community Bike Rides 2022 Update

The Cycling Ireland Community Bike Rides initiative experienced another year of strong growth and development in 2022. 

Community Bike Rides provides an important resource for cyclists in Ireland as a community that offers free social leisure rides for adults of all ages. 

With over 5,000 members, Community Bike Rides are run by a network of over 115 Ride Leaders across 29 counties on the island of Ireland, with over 100 candidates currently committed to completing Ride Leader training. 

And in the return to full activities after Covid-19 restrictions, over 11,500 rides have been completed across solo and group rides in 2022 – over 36,000 community bike rides have now been completed since the initiative’s creation. 

Over 200 ride rewards were delivered to members this year as part of the updated ride rewards, bringing the total figure up to 850 rewards delivered since the initiative began.  

Community Bike Rides continues to be accessible and inclusive, such as a notable partnership which came to fruition in 2022 with Sporting Pride Ireland.  

Together with Sporting Pride Ireland, the initiative succeeded in running two ‘Ride with Pride’ events on the Waterford and Limerick Greenways, which produced fantastic participation and enjoyment.  

Community Bike Rides Officer Jason Goodison said:  

"I'm pleased to say that it has been another year of fantastic growth and development for the initiative, with more members and active leaders than ever before. Over the last 12 months, we have made some exciting updates. We have welcomed a new look website and rewards system and have made some meaningful connections to broaden our community."  
“I'd like to extend a massive 'Thank You' to our incredible volunteer ride leaders, who between them have led over 550 group rides all over Ireland in 2022. We are extremely excited for 2023 and are looking forward to embracing it with all of our current and future stakeholders!" 

You can learn more and become a member of Community Bike Rides here.