Another Fantastic Year for Dormant Accounts Funded Programmes 

Dormant Accounts funding, received from Sport Ireland, supports the co-ordination and delivery of opportunities, to people in socially, economically, and educationally disadvantaged communities or people with a disability.  

Over 15,000 participants have been involved in Dormant Accounts initiatives to date, with new strands being developed to help support lifelong involvement in cycling and long-term sustainability for the cycling community. 

Balance Bike and Cycling Skills are examples of just two of the many programmes delivered through Dormant Accounts funding.  

A team of 15 Activation Officers equipped with bikes, helmets and supporting equipment have reached almost 4,000 participants across over 300 Balance Bike and Cycling Skills programmes, including 49 DEIS Schools and supporting children with a disability. 

Below are some examples of the feedback received throughout the year:  

“Increased confidence levels while cycling. Increased enjoyment of cycling and huge mental health benefits. The girls loved it and were in super form during and after. Huge fitness, coordination, and spatial awareness benefits.” 

“Hugely beneficial to all children in our school. Five children that we know have removed their stabilisers since completing the programme. Others who had never gone on bikes are getting bikes for Christmas.” 

“The children benefitted hugely from the programme, improving their gross motor skills, and developing confidence in their cycling ability. Some of the children improved massively in the space of a few short weeks.” 

“A lot of children could not ride bicycles and now can. Huge benefit to the children in a DEIS school to be introduced to cycling. Children now cycle to school.” 

“Children who were not as academically able were able to try new things. Some children had never had the opportunity to cycle before. Visible improvements to balance and co-ordination on the bike throughout the weeks.” 

“Parents and teachers reported seeing children’s confidence in cycling grow. Seeing these young children progress from balance bikes to the bigger bikes is great achievement. It was a great opportunity for the six children from ASD class to participate in a new programme also.” 

A special thanks to the Activation Officers who deliver the programmes in such a fun and engaging way when interacting with schools and continues to grow the demand of cycling at grassroots. 

Other strands in the funding include Cycling Hubs, Bike Maintenance and Youth Leadership which have also been a huge success over the year. Cycling Ireland thank all our partners that have help make this happen.