Cycling Ireland 2023/24 Athlete Development Programme

Cycling Ireland are inviting 1st and 2nd year Junior riders (born in 2006 and 2007) to apply to be part of the 2023/2024 Junior Athlete Development Programme.

Now in its fifth year, the programme is an evidence-based framework delivered by Cycling Ireland’s High-Performance coaches and performance experts from multiple disciplines.

The benefits from the programme include individual feedback and input on training programmes, physiological testing, educational workshops, consultations with experts in life skills, sports nutrition and sports psychology, in addition to training camps.

Applications are welcome from male and female cyclists across disciplines. While considerable resources of the programme will consist of concentrated work with a small core group of athletes, other educational inputs will be available to all applicants - meaning there is something in the programme for everyone.

Please note that the ADP is in no way related to Irish national team selections, which have their own set criteria. Participation in the programme will have no bearing or influence on selection for future Irish teams.

An additional inclusion to the programme in 2023/24 will be regional training days around the country, bringing the programme to each province, and allowing prospective riders a glimpse of what the programme entails and how they can gain access at a later stage.

It will also focus on sharing important information with coaches, volunteers and parents about specific aspects of the programme.

The final date of application for the Athlete Development Programme and submission of data will be Monday, October 2nd.

The application form can be found here.