The Texaco Support for Sport initiative is to return for a second year

A gross fund of €130,000 is being set aside for distribution to sports clubs on a twenty-six, county-by-county basis, with successful applicants receiving €5,000 in each case.

The fund is open for all sports clubs to apply, irrespective of sporting discipline, size, membership, age, cultural appeal or gender – including clubs that may have made an unsuccessful application previously.

The initiative recognises the valuable contribution that sports clubs make to communities and throughout Irish society as a whole.

Last year, winning clubs spanned the spectrum of Irish sporting activity. They included clubs from Athletics, Basketball, Boxing, Camogie, Cricket, the GAA, Handball, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer and Swimming.

“Mindful that sport is at the heart of so many communities throughout the country and a key component in the fabric of Irish society, we are delighted to host Texaco Support for Sport for the second year in succession,” said CEO James Twohig.

“At a time when many sports clubs have had to weather difficulties and limitations of one kind or another, the Texaco Support for Sport initiative opens up an avenue to funding for those that need it most.”

“As shown last year, this can include structural enhancements, improvements to facilities, purchase of new equipment and community inclusive measures to broaden and enhance the appeal of many sports clubs within their communities.”

The applications which are due in by the end of 2021 will be judged by a panel of experts led by Texaco Support for Sport ambassador Donncha O’Callaghan.

“Through the scheme, a fantastic system now exists whereby even the smallest and most remote clubs and minority interest groupings can have access to the vital funds they need in order to develop and serve their memberships, hence enhancing their communities,” he said.

“I’m delighted & really looking forward to seeing the incredible work being done by clubs & volunteers at the most important level, our grassroots,” he said.

Full details of the scheme and its operation – together with registration, application, validation, adjudication and terms and conditions – are available to view at