National Championships Eligibility

Cycling Ireland host a number of Master’s National Championships for which riders need to have the correct Rider Category in order to enter.

M30 Men

If you turn 30 in the calendar year or are in your thirties and wish to take part in some of our Masters 30 Championships, please ensure you select M30 when you renew your membership. You may still take part in SENIOR championships where no equivalent M30 championship takes place. Make sure you have a UCI category of Elite selected with M30 to take part in SENIOR Champs

M40 Men

If you turn 40 in the calendar year or have yet to switch from SENIOR, please make sure you select M40 when you renew your membership, to take part in any M40 championships. If you wish to ride the Rás, International Track GP or any Elite UCI events you may do so with the combination of M40 and Elite UCI Category.

M50 & M60 Men

These are automatically selected for you once you reach the qualifying age

Masters Women

There are no specific Masters Women rider categories however once a female rider turns 40 in the calendar year she is eligible for the Masters Women prize in the National Road Race and TT Championships

IRL Nationality

If you were born in Northern Ireland and hold British nationality (GBR), you have the option to apply for a change of nationality. All applications for this change must be submitted to the UCI for verification. This may take over a month for the UCI to process. Please be aware that once you switch, reverting to your previous nationality is not possible. If this applies to yourself, please follow the UCI Change of Nationality form (link below). If you have any queries, please contact 
UCI Change of Nationality Form -

Foreign Riders

If you currently hold a UCI license under another national federation, you must register as 'Foreign Rider'. Once your foreign rider application has been validated and approved, you will be issued a unique Cycling Ireland Foreign License number (i.e. FR-8903). This membership number can be used to enter Sanctioned Cycling Ireland events.
Foreign Rider Application Form -