Club Self-Assessment Toolkit

The Cycling Ireland new Club Self-Assessment Toolkit provides all Cycling Clubs with a detailed club development plan that enables clubs to review 8 key club areas including; Governance, Planning, Finance, Cycling Club Operations, Marketing and Communications, Equipment, Coaches and Cycling Club Officials, Cycling Pathway

The Cycling Ireland Club Self-Assessment Toolkit will be available in July for all cycling clubs to access and provides a detailed club development plan and report for cycling clubs to plan and evaluate the 8 areas to ensure long term sustainability and lifelong enjoyment in Cycling.

The Club Self-Assessment Toolkit is to help cycling clubs plan for the short, medium and long-term in creating a positive and safe environment that ensures the welfare of all its members.


All cycling clubs who want to register for the Club Self-Assessment Toolkit should have a minimum of 20 registered Cycling Ireland members and they must register their interest with their Cycling Ireland Membership Development Officer -

Gary Lavery

Mobile: 07927561720 Office: 02838891122


Key Areas

Cycling Ireland want to make managing your cycling club as easy and stress-free as possible, we have a number of useful resources and templates available to all cycling clubs and will be provided as part of the Club Self-Assessment Toolkit. Contact a Cycling Ireland Membership Development Officer for the resources:

Gary Lavery - Mobile: 07927561720 Office: 02838891122 

A list of some of the resources and templates that are available are listed below under the 8 key areas. 

a. Club Constitution
b. Equity Policy Statement
c. Safeguarding Policy Statement
d. Role Descriptions Club Officers

a. Club Development Plan

a. Club Financial Management Policy
b. Annual Financial Review

a. Risk Assessment Form
b. Health and Safety Documents 
c. Club-Membership Forms
d. Safeguarding Template

a. Social Media Policy
b. Marketing and Communications Plan

a. Insurance and Public Liability

b. Maintenance / Service Plan

a. Lead Coach Role Description

b. Assistant Coach Role Description 

c. Codes of Conduct for Coaches and Officials

a. Including People with Disabilities in Your Club Guidelines

b. Club Partnership Form

c. School Cycling Club Links

Contact Us

For further information about the Club Self-Assessment Toolkit and access to the Club Self-Assessment Toolkit system speak to a Cycling Ireland Membership Development Officer:

Gary Lavery

Mobile: 07927561720 Office: 02838891122