Types of Membership

There are a number of different types of Cycling Ireland membership designed to suit all types of rider, so whether you are a beginner in your first year of cycling, a person who hits the trails every weekend, or a road racer, you'll find a membership type to suit you.

Choose from the different membership options below:

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The types of Cycling Ireland membership are as follows:
  • q Leisure Membership
    Leisure membership (also known as a non-competition licence) covers you while you are out training, on club spins, and while participating in leisure / sportive events. The fee is €50 (€45 for your Cycling Ireland membership along with a €5 provincial levy) if you are based in Leinster, Munster or Connacht, and is €56/£50 if you are based in Ulster. Insurance cover and benefits for a leisure member are the same as any other licence but it does not cover you to take part in competitive events.
  • q Cycling Supporter
    A The main purpose of this non-cycling membership is to recognise and reward long standing members, who may no longer be active cyclists, but who have and continue to contribute a lot of time and effort to the whole organisation particularly in helping out at events and volunteering with their club. This membership will carry no cycling insurance cover but will include Professional Indemnity insurance cover and therefore is priced significantly lower than the leisure licence; €20/£18.
  • q Limited Competition Licence
    A limited competition licence allows you to compete in all domestic competition except open road races. It replaces the Restricted licence choices and also covers Club Competition. In other words you may use a Limited Competition licence to compete in Track, BMX, Off-Road, Time-Trials, Hill-Climbs, Club Racing, Bicycle-polo and Artistic Cycling. This licence is not specific to one discipline, it covers them all. It does not include Open Road Racing.

    The licence types included in this category are Limited Competition (LC) for adults over 18 years of age. Under Eight (U8) & Under Ten (U10) Youth licences are also classed as Limited Competition.

    The LC licence is €80/£72 if you are in a club and €110/£99 if you are not in a club. There is a further €11/£10 charge if you are from Ulster. The reason for the higher fees in Ulster is that the province has elected (at the provincial AGM) to levy a provincial fee upon each member rather than each club. Leinster, Munster and Connaught charge each club a provincial fee.

    Both the U8 & U10 licences are €10/£9 and are not subject to the Ulster levy.

    For Off Road XC licenses, categories available are S1, S2, S3 and S4. If you are unsure as to which category would best suit you, please contact your club secretary or the off-road commission.
  • q Full Competition Licence

    This licence costs €135/£122 if you are in a club, and €165/£149 if you are not in a club. There is a further €11/£10 charge if you are from Ulster. This licence qualifies you for racing in any discipline (including offroad, bmx, TT etc) in Ireland. If you want to race overseas you can get overseas authorisation for an extra €20/£18, and submit/upload a photo ID electronically. If you want to race on the road in open races, this is the type of licence you want. 

    The reason for the higher fees in Ulster is that the province has elected (at the provincial AGM) to levy a provincial fee upon each member rather than each club. Leinster, Munster and Connaught charge each club a provincial fee.

    The categories you can select from are based on your ability, the highest being A+, which is reserved for those road riders who are on pro-teams (with the exception of female pro riders). A1 is the next highest category, then A2, the majority of the members are either A3 or A4 riders, with the A4 category being reserved for new members, and weaker/less experienced riders. The distances vary depending on the category. In general, all riders taking out their first senior/veterans full competition license must take out an A4 license. For information on upgrading/downgrading, click here.

    Full competition licenses are also available to riders in the Under 12, Under 14 and Under 16 age categories. For riders in the U12 & U14 categories the cost is €20/£18. For riders in the U16 category the cost is €35/£32 for riders who are club members and €65/£59 for un-attached members.

  • q Junior
    A At the 2011 AGM it was decided that the Junior Category would be a stand alone category. Where there is an A3 race is part of a promotion the Juniors would race with the A3s.

    Junior licences are classed as Full Competition licences and are available to members aged 17 or 18. The cost of a Junior licence is €50/£45 if you are a member of a club and €80/£72 if you are not a member of a club.
  • q International Licence
    A International licenses are required if you are going abroad to compete in 1 or more UCI approved events in any discipline. The race organiser or commissaire may ask to see your international license prior to you taking part in the event.

    The international license consists of a photograph printed on your Cycling Ireland license card along with a permission letter from your federation, in this case, Cycling Ireland. The permission letter will contain information such as current license details as well as details of the event/events abroad that you will be taking part in.

    The cost of an international license is €20/£18. This fee is in addition to your standard Cycling Ireland license fee. Only 1 fee for an international license will apply per membership year. To apply for an international license, please log in to the membership portal and request it from the member details tab.

    You MUST upload the following information in order to receive your international license:

    1: Passport style photograph. This photograph should be in .jpeg format and in a portrait orientation.
    2: Event information. This information should include event name, dates of travel (from/to) and country.
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