Membership FAQs

  • q What is Cycling Ireland?
    A Cycling Ireland is the National Governing Body for the sport of Cycling on the island Ireland affiliated to the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).
  • q Licence Type & Explanation
    There are three types of membership available - leisure, competitive and cycling supporter. Please see the link below for details of the various licence types.
  • q My Personal Information / Contact details are incorrect in my profile
    A You can edit all your personal information yourself by logging into your profile and making any changes you need.
  • q What are the benefits of joining Cycling Ireland?
    A Insurance, events, camaraderie and learning:

    Cycling is one of the fastest growing and most popular sports right now. By joining Cycling Ireland you are joining a community where not only will you be insured while you cycle, you can enjoy the social and physical benefits of the sport.

    INSURANCE: you will be covered for personal injury, and third party damage/liability. This cover extends to training, and events (See "What kind of licence am I looking for" for details of the events covered under each licence). 

    PHYSICAL: Cycling is a non weight bearing sport, which means it is easy on the joints, and recommended by many specialists as a good sport for rehabilitation of injury or sickness while improving your overall well being.

    EDUCATIONAL: Cycling Ireland encourages learning and development in its members, and runs a series of Coaching Qualifications. In 2011 we signed a contract with British Cycling which will further the range of services and training that we can offer our coaches. For all details see our coaching section on the website.


    Events: Many events offer discounted entry fees for Cycling Ireland members. Once you become a member of Cycling Ireland you will get a yearbook, which has, among other information, a calendar of events for road racing, off road racing, and leisure tours. Throughout the year the weekends are full of events in which you can participate.

    Clubs: Our clubs are one of our greatest assets in Cycling Ireland. While you don't have to be a member of a club to join Cycling Ireland, we recommend you join one, as it is in the clubs, through our members, that you will learn vital skills and training methods to help you improve as a cyclist.

    Newsletter: Back in 2009 "Braking News" was a quarterly newsletter that we posted to our members, keeping them up-to-date with what was going on. In 2011 Braking News went online, and our Ezine is now circulated to all Cycling Ireland members.
  • q My licence/race numbers have been lost/stolen. How do I replace it?
    A There is an Admin Fee of €20 to replace a Competitive Licence and/or Race Numbers and €10 to replace for a Non-Competitive Licence.

    If your Licence or Race Numbers have been lost or stolen and you need replacements please contact us confirming:

    Daytime Contact number:
    Licence Number:
    Reason for replacement request: 

    We will call you take payment over the phone and will then send the new licence (& numbers) to you.

    For Full Competition Licence & Number replacement a brand new licence is generated with new Licence & Back numbers. You will not get the same licence number as previously issued again. All other Licence types will be re-issued the same Licence number.

    Please note: You can continue to participate in events while awaiting your replacement Licence by printing your profile page to show your name & licence number. This will confirm your membership and facilitate participation as a registered Cycling Ireland member.
  • q How do I apply online if I am a new or returning member - what are the steps?
    Please click on the link below to find out how to register as a first time member or renew your membership for 2019:

  • q As club secretary how do I view members and manage them?
    A Three club officials in every club have access to all the members in their club. When that official logs into their profile (with their email address and password in the log in section) they can add, renew and edit members. They can also renew the club membership here. 

    To view the club members click on the green "club members" tile -  here you can view, edit, renew and manage your members. Under "club details and affiliation" you can renew your club affiliation.
  • q Can you explain the Provincial fees?
    A When you are registering your club in Connacht, Leinster or Munster you will have to pay a Provincial fee. This is broken down as follows:
    Connacht - €140
    Leinster - €130
    Munster - €150

    These fees have been set by the Provincial Committees, and the purpose is to use the money for development within the province. If you are querying the breakdown of this fee in your particular Province you can either contact the Provincial Secretary or you can attend the Provincial AGM which takes place usually in October.

    In Ulster the Provincial fee is not placed on the clubs, but on the riders, where every rider, except for introductory members and Under 18s, pay an extra €10 on their licence.
  • q How do I start a cycling club, what is involved?
    A Click here for information on how to start a cycling club
  • q I am an existing member, but cannot log in
    A The most common reason for an existing member having trouble logging in is that we do not have a registered email address for them or the email address noted in your profile is incorrect. In this instance you must contact your club secretary to update your email and reset your password.

    It is also possible you have a duplicate profile on our system. As your email is one of the unique identifiers for login purposes, if another profile is using the same email address it will cause login difficulties.

    If you are an Un-Attached member contact Cycling Ireland to reset your password here

    f you have forgotten your password you can click on
    "Forgot Password" on the log in page. 
  • q How do I qualify for a student discount?
    A If you are in full time third level education and are a Senior rider (over 18), taking out a Full Competition licence you qualify for a 50% discount. You must apply for your student discount when you are applying for your membership in the relevant year. After you have logged in to the portal, you should select the 'Member' tile. Select the 'Student' box in the member details section. After filling in the rest of your details and clicking next, you will be prompted to upload some documents. The documents that you should upload are:

    1: Student ID card.
    2: Letter from 3rd level institution where you are studying confirming your attendance on a full time course.

    Cycling Ireland will then review this documentation and once it is approved, you will receive an email inviting you to log back in and pay for your membership.

  • q I'm not a member at the moment, but want to take part in a sportive/race at the weekend.
    A If you want to process a licence quickly, the only way to do this is by applying online. Once you pay online your licence number appears on your profile and you are considered insured and covered for participation in events and training from that point on. You should print this screen and present it to the race organiser on the day. You will also receive an email when you pay that serves as a temporary licence until your actual licence arrives in the post which could also be presented to the event organiser.

    If you are joining a club, you should contact your club secretary to let them know that you are waiting their approval so that you can finalise your membership. Memberships where you are applying to join as part of a club can only be processed with the approval of the club secretary. This can take up to 72 hours.

    Please note that the Cycling Ireland office hours are Monday to Friday 09.00-17.00. If you apply after hours, memberships will not be processed until the following working day. This would mean that if you wanted to cycle at the weekend, and started the application process at 22.00 on the Friday evening, your membership will not be processed until the Monday (or Tuesday if it's a bank holiday in the Republic of Ireland) and you would not be able to ride at the weekend. Please note that club secretaries have up to 72 hours to approve members so you should factor this in when applying for membership. Cycling Ireland cannot approve memberships without explicit permission from the club secretary.
  • q My password does not work/I don't have a password
    A In the log in section you will see the option to request a password saying "Forgot Password ". Click this and 2 options should appear - one if you have forgotten your password and the other if you have forgotten your username. An email should then be sent to the email address attached to your profile with an updated username/password, along with an activation link. You MUST use this activation link to log in to your account, or the account will be frozen. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours, please check your spam/junk mail.

    When requesting a new username or password, please ensure that you use the email address which you originally used to register with. The email address can only be changed once you are logged in.
  • q I didn't get the right points for placing in a race, who do I contact?
    A If the points in rider rankings does not reflect the points that you received in a particular race you need to contact Sean Bracken, the Grading Officer, at grading@cyclingireland.ie.

    Please note that it may take up to a week for the points to be applied to your account.
  • q How do I transfer to another club?
    A Club transfer requests can be submitted through your Cycling Ireland profile. When logged in, select the club transfer tile from the menu, select your new club and then submit the transfer. A transfer will need to be approved by a club official from both clubs before showing on your Cycling Ireland profile. If no action is taken by a club a transfer will automatically be approved after 21 days from when the transfer was submitted.
  • q What are the various cycling disciplines?
    A The most visible discipline is road cycling, but there are plenty more ways you can ride your bike!

    Road Cycling: This type of cycling is done on regular roads, and the type of bike used is a road bike, or racer, that's the one with the handle bars that curve down. This cycling is most commonly associated with big races like the Tour de France, and our most popular cycling super heroes - Sean Kelly and Stephen Roche. Kelly and Roche (after whom our office is named!) were top international riders in the 1980s. Road cycling is not exclusive to racing, as the leisure tours, and mass participation challenges have become hughely popular over the last few years. Audax cycling is a branch of road cycling, which is a long distance cycle or race that is usually several hundred miles in duration - not for the faint hearted!

    Off Road Cycling, or MTB: This type of cycling is done off the beaten track, and is popular with the more adventurous rider. There are many races and events organised by the off road commission throughout the year, with events in Cross Country Mountain Biking, Downhill Mountain Biking and Cyclo Cross being the most popular. BMXing is making a comeback lately also. A recent venue opened in Ratoath will hopefully bring back a surge in BMX riders.

    Track Cycling: Over the past few years track cycling has become very popular, and it is mainly associated with the Olympics. A track bike has no gears and no brakes, and the races tend to be short and powerful. While Ireland does not yet have an indoor velodrome, we have two outdoor tracks (Sundrive in Dublin and Orangefield in Belfast), where bikes can be hired, and race programmes are in place throughout the summer. This is a very exciting type of cycling, and is very popular with the young, and the young at heart.

    Time Trials: A Time Trial is a race against the clock. The bike is similar to a road bike, but has "tri bars" (which look like two horns) coming out of the handle bars. The rider can get into an aerodynamical position and power their way through a course as fast as they can. This type of riding is often an introduction to cycle racing for athletes who are a bit nervous about racing in a bunch, but want to go fast, it's a true test of strength and endurance, a race between you and the clock.

    Artistic Cycling or Indoor Cycling: This is like a mix between cycling and gymnastic, where riders perform the most amazing tricks on bikes in gyms. This is popular in Germany and Holland.

    Bicycle Polo: We now have our first bicycle polo club, it does what it says on the tin - ride a bicycle, and play polo... not water polo, regular polo. The club bases itself in the Phoenix Park - contact us for more info.
  • q What are the Rules of the Road?
    A We expect all Cycling Ireland members to obey the rules of the road. Please become familiar with the rules, and follow them at all times.

    In general, cyclists should:

    1: Obey all traffic signals and signs, such as traffic lights, one way streets and no right turn signs.
    2: Never cycle on the footpath.
    3: Ensure that their bicycle is road legal. This includes having appropriate lights whilst cycling during lighting up hours.

    This list is in no way definitive or exhaustive and should be read in conjunction with the relevant statutory laws in your jurisdiction.

    For information on the Rules of the Road in the Republic of Ireland, please click here.

    For information on the Rules of the Road in Northern Ireland, please click here.

    Please note that Cycling Ireland is not responsible for the content of external websites. It is your responsibility to check all laws relevant to cycling in the jurisdiction that you are in. Please note that laws may change and you should ensure that you are aware of any changes that are relevant to you.
  • q What does my insurance cover?
    A All Cycling Ireland members have personal accident and public liability insurance by virtue of their membership of Cycling Ireland. This insurance will cover you when you are out training or taking part in approved Cycling Ireland events. If you would like to be insured for training and events, you will need to join Cycling Ireland.

    If you are injured or cause damage to a 3rd party (whether they are a Cycling Ireland member or not) whilst out training or at an approved Cycling Ireland event, you will need to fill out an accident and incident report form. Someone else, such as a relative/club secretary can also fill this out on your behalf. Once this is filled in, send it back to the Cycling Ireland office where it will be logged, and then sent on to the insurers. The insurers will then get in touch with you directly about your claim. 

    Key documents, such as the accident and incident report form, personal accident policy wording and general liability policy wording can be found here.

  • q When should I renew my membership/club membership?

    Member Renewals

    For 2020 we are continuing the process of moving all memberships to run in conjunction with the calendar year.  As a result all renewals and new membership will expire on the 31st December.

    The membership year for all members (Competitive & Leisure) will run from the 1st January to the 31st December annually.

    Renewal opens in November and your licence will be valid until the end of the following year.

    Current Members: Members who are due for renewal mid-year 2020 will now receive an expiry date of 31/12/2020 - Fees will be Prorated based on your month of renewal

    New Members:  Any new member registering in 2020 will be given an expiry date of the 31st December 2020 regardless of when they register. 

    Applications for the next year are opened from November, while we extend insurance cover for November and December you cannot race on the new competitive licence until the 1st of January. The advantage of registering early means your application will be processed sooner as there may be delays at the start of the year due to the number of members (28,000+).

    Club Affiliation Renewals
    Club Affiliations Fees are due prior to December 31st for the following year.  Club affiliation runs from 1st Jan to the 31st December.  Late payment fees are applicable so remember to renew on time. 

    If you are a club official and want to renew your club affiliation fees note that the cheapest time to renew the club affiliation is before December 31st, when the Cycling Ireland fee is €150, this rises by €50 for subsequent months up to a maximum of €300 for registrations received on or after the 1st of March.  

  • q Why do we need a Child Protection Officer?
    A The Child Protection Officer is a Safeguarding Officer who is familiar with the Code of Ethics, which are a set of guidelines outlined to protect our coaches, riders, children and vulnerable people. The Child Protection Officer should attend a Code of Ethics Course at some point during the year, where they will be educated on various matter.

    The Irish Sports Council have requested that all the clubs have a Child Protection Officer, regardless of whether or not the club has youths, as all clubs should have an inclusive policy in the interest of sport.

    Cycling Ireland recently published our Code of Ethics Manual: HERE

    The Irish Sports Council Code of Ethics Manual can be found: HERE

    Information on Child Protection procedures in Northern Ireland can be found here.

    Our National Child Safeguarding Officer can be contacted by emailing safeguarding@cyclingireland.ie
  • q As a cyclist, do I need to obey the rules of the road?
    A Yes, you do. Cyclists, like all road users, must obey the rules of the road.

    Cycling Ireland requests that all cyclists obey the rules of the road, and respect other road users, whether they be drivers, other cyclists, horse riders, pedestrians or motorcyclists. Showing courtesy to road users makes the roads a more pleasant and safe place for everyone.
  • q I have not received my licence or race numbers yet - can I still race?
    A As soon as you have registered and paid you will receive a licence number. You are then insured and can enter events. If you have not received your card or race numbers you can download a copy of your licence through the membership system. Members taking part in competitive road events will require their physical licence card and race numbers in order to be permitted to race.
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