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Cycling Ireland has launched a series of races and leisure spins on the popular online training platform Zwift. Our 12 week (Cycling Ireland Zwift League) CIZL may have concluded but we have new series of one-day Classics, starting on Saturday, June 20th. It will test you in each of Zwift’s six Worlds – Innsbruck, Watopia, Yorkshire, London, Richmond and New York.

We still have Zwift races taking place, out Leisure spins & Zwift challenges have ended for now but we plan to bring them back later in the year


  • Cycling Ireland Handicap Race                                          Tuesday Evening
  • Cycling Ireland Women’s Zwift Race                                 Wednesday Evening
  • Sprint Race                                                                          Thursday Evening
  • Cycling Ireland Zwift League - CONCLUDED                           See Results Below
  • Cycling Ireland Women's Zwift League - CONCLUDED            See Results Below

 Leisure Spin

  • 90 min Leisure Ride                                                Returning Autumn 2020


  • Alpe Du Zwift (timed climbing challenge)               Returning Autumn 2020


    Zwift Results Tables

    Cycling Ireland Zwift League (CIZL)

    Cycling Ireland Women’s Zwift League (CIWZL)

    Individual League Table - FINAL

    Individual League Table - FINAL

    Club League Table - FINALAll results

    All results


    Sprint Races

    Alpe Du Zwift - COMPLETED

    Race 13 - 30th July

    Leaderboard 4 - 22 June 2020

    Previous results

    Leaderboard - Overall

    Leaderboard 1,2 &3

    CI Zwift World Classic - COMPLETED

    CI Womens Only Zwift Race

    New York Classic - 25th July

    Race 5 - 15th July

    Previous resultsPrevious results

    If you do not see your result please send your Zwiftpower name to zwift@cyclingireland.ie

    eRacing - Cycling Ireland Handicap Race  

    The new series of Handicap Racing designed to give everyone a chance to be active throughout. Male and Female riders will have four categories to choose from meaning all levels are catered for.

    Cycling Ireland Handicap Race

    Tuesday, September 22nd @ 7:00PM

    Race Name                   Cycling Ireland Handicap Race

    Details                           London, Greater London Flat, 2 laps, 23.2km, Elevation 106m

    Join race here:             https://www.zwift.com/events/view/1077311

    eRacing - Cycling Ireland Women’s Zwift Race

    This a series of single day events being held each Wednesday evening starting on April 29th. Female riders will have four categories to choose from meaning all levels are catered for.

    Cycling Ireland Women's only Race

    Wednesday, September 23rdh @ 7:00PM

    Race Name                 Cycling Ireland Women’s Zwift Race  

    Details                        Watopia, Volcano Flat, 2 laps, 24.6km, Elevation 100m

    Join Race here          https://www.zwift.com/events/view/1079221


  •  Register for the Cycling Ireland Women's Zwift race HERE
  • NB: If you have already been competing in any of our Zwift races you will not need to re-register - just join the event above and look out for your result!


  • Steps to participate in Cycling Ireland Women's Zwift races HERE


    eRacing - Cycling Ireland Zwift Race

    Each Thursday evening from the 7th May we will have shorter ‘Fast’n’Furious’ races.  These will be one off races each week and will not be included on any league tables.


    Cycling Ireland Zwift Sprint Race

    Thursday, September 24th @ 7:30PM

    Race Name                   Cycling Ireland Zwift Sprint Race

    Details                          Yorkshire, Queen’s Highway, 3 laps

    Join race here:             https://www.zwift.com/events/view/1080943


  • Register for the Cycling Ireland Thursday evening races HERE

  • Leisure Spins

    Thank you for taking part in our Zwift Leisure Spins. Its been great having you along with us since the beginning of the lockdown in March. As the restriction are easing and the weather is getting better, many people are getting out onto the real roads. As a result, we have decided to ease back our Zwift Leisure spins.

    Watch this space as we aim to be back in the Autumn!



    Alpe Du Zwift Climbing challenge - Our final leaderboard will be up on the 24th June

    See the final overall leaderboard here

    As restrictions being lifted, many of you are back out or your (easier) local hills!   We have suspended the Alpe Du Zwift challenge for the time being - but keep fit & watch this space as we will return in the Autumn with this and hopefully more challenges!


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